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Minion: Smallshell

Got naught but a sea lion's share of crab offal 'twixt them ears, I reckon. - Ighii Moui

DescriptionThe mere sight of this wee wavekin may cause severe psychological trauma to those who spent years of their lives on faraway shores culling his relatives.
LoreAs is implied by its name, the smallshell's shell is small. What is not widely known is that unlike normal crabs whose shells grow thicker and, hence, larger as the crabs age, smallshell carapaces actually reduce in size due to erosion over the wavekin's lifespan, until nothing is left but legs.
How to ObtainFATE Rewards: Rewarded for completing the FATE "It's not Lupus" with a Gold Medal rating in Eastern La Noscea, south of Costa del Sol (X?,Y?)
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


170,176 minion hunters have this minion. That's 55.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

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