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Minion: Spoony Bard

You spoony bard! - Tellah

DescriptionAlthough there are many different accounts of what was actually said during the famous altercation, all agree on the single utterance that became his legacy.
LoreThis colorfully outfitted automaton was crafted to resemble the legendary Edward Chris von Muir. The proud descendant of a peerless bard, it was said Edward's voice could unravel the very fabric of magic. The prince of a lost kingdom, he stood against darkness in the name of love.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.2: The Gears of Change


6,255 minion hunters have this minion. That's 2.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Tomoichi Kun of ValeforYamato Neuhe of ValeforHikaru Lovinson of AlexanderAdelajda Lis of FaerieSeto Tiselius of BahamutAkaya Kimuryu of UltrosLilith Lyl of MandragoraOmanomi First of MasamuneTsairin Uyagir of LamiaU'dhakya Odh of MoogleAnder Silverfur of LamiaDante Skyrunner of ExodusNaijer Faran of ShinryuRaina Liner of ShinryuSterkenburg Cranach of TiamatRosalinde Briarmet of SargatanasCaravorn Ryuujin of PhoenixAurelle Delacroix of LamiaLendy Rivera of BahamutElisabeth Addict of UnicornCassandra Obscuras of OdinAnew Strathy of AegisTali Arkenstone of FamfritTevon Gelson of ExcaliburFumika Berry of FenrirTalava Cancer of UltimaKorsica Frageorloix of AdamantoiseVivi Simirror of IfritTina Forster of MasamuneCorvu's Morrigan of TonberryPikachuu Pika of IfritCheyne Marinterre of BalmungScarlett Pepper of ChocoboCain Tore of RamuhBraig Asura of BalmungDoominite Shiko of GoblinTobias Lashell of HyperionDone Flyer of HadesKachina Catori of HyperionShosica Antes of GarudaGogojaru Rorojaru of BahamutFrederyk Johannes of GilgameshKashmir Mond of TiamatChiris Joestar of KujataRinh'a Moshroca of BalmungSitajiki Konbu of RamuhMasamune Moorit of BahamutCharlotte Lavaglut of GarudaAthella Stormedge of CactuarKero Frog of Chocobo

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