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Minion: Spoony Bard

You spoony bard! - Tellah

DescriptionAlthough there are many different accounts of what was actually said during the famous altercation, all agree on the single utterance that became his legacy.
LoreThis colorfully outfitted automaton was crafted to resemble the legendary Edward Chris von Muir. The proud descendant of a peerless bard, it was said Edward's voice could unravel the very fabric of magic. The prince of a lost kingdom, he stood against darkness in the name of love.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.2: The Gears of Change


6,255 minion hunters have this minion. That's 2.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Senri Blossom of ExcaliburLost Horizon of ExodusDrunken Fox of LamiaKysha Odin of DurandalArleigh Lace of ExcaliburWolfandre De'asura of SirenVerse True of FenrirAmoena Lily of JenovaJedah Dohma of MandragoraZane Rona of AdamantoiseLinduin Skiwyn of CactuarYsa Armstrong of BehemothMara Fae of FaeriePorter Tewntysix of DurandalLuferia Svenstedt of TiamatPiaa Porter of DurandalPinkieshy Flutterpie of ExcaliburRusedia Rosenhaim of HadesTea L'euphorie of SargatanasEve Citrusjunos of PandaemoniumYah Maddar of AlexanderMaikel Wilsira of TonberryCannele Biscuit of CarbuncleMist Kiritani of RamuhSpoonee Bard of ShivaLily Foxclaw of BrynhildrShiba Wan of ShinryuMyah Neltary of ZodiarkMaple Cookie of FenrirZumi Inami of ChocoboMei May of ChocoboTamago Baumkuchen of TonberryOnesama Onerou of DurandalMoebius Ertai of CerberusMitsune Konno of CactuarBlink Stone of BehemothThe Stig of HyperionAmastacia Dar'tania of HyperionRina Richet of AlexanderLegolas Thranduil of GarudaLaoghaire Osraige of CactuarNory Komiqo of ExcaliburC'heryl Ladd of GarudaIrimo Faveur of TonberryCrea Danes of TiamatRaptor Veloci of GarudaVollmond Schweinorg of TonberryRiim Icek of UltimaTukina Kisaragi of AtomosPious Hunter of Cerberus

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