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Minion: Tight-beaked Parrot

Parley! Parley! Parley! Squaaawk! - Loose-beaked Parrot

DescriptionFor best results, summon while wearing an eyepatch.
LoreAfter witnessing the horrors experienced by his former master, Captain Madison, this once-outspoken oppo has gone silent, opening its beak only when offered a handful of sardines.
How to ObtainDungeons & Trials: Possible reward from Final Boss Coffer of Sastasha (Hard).
Patch Released:2.4: Dreams of Ice


75,825 minion hunters have this minion. That's 24.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Rivian Isao of BalmungEamonn Cailleach of ExcaliburDiaru Klepsidra of RagnarokGeeth Arctic of MandragoraJokxy Ajisai of PhoenixTristan Flora of AlexanderZen Pulse of AtomosVox Adamas of CactuarLuciendar Kilgorin of BalmungVanilla Cake of CerberusCree Trefenwyd of CactuarEvil Emberlight of FamfritZero Trunks of MalboroMiyuki Hagane of TonberryOverlord Kishuna of GilgameshK'haali Thalen of BalmungMia Dragonwing of PhoenixC'lantaa Chaho of ZeromusRan Ryuzetsu of RamuhTenten Tenchan of AtomosRaphael D'angelo of PhoenixLucian Immeral of SargatanasSym Vesarius of ExcaliburEnjoy Mylife of CarbuncleKokomoco Komoco of BalmungOni Musha of GilgameshAro Shiro of MoogleMarisa Maru of UltrosZappa Dattic of BehemothRuffus Shinra of CerberusYuki Kusakki of BalmungRyu Furinkazan of BehemothLionnet Eneru of TyphonAraht Luxumbra of MoogleToragana Qalli of BalmungBlack Boga of SargatanasZepheris Tatsu of HyperionAmuneris Alexandria of GungnirSera Chaosweaver of TonberrySeikatsu Ukete of DiabolosNatsu Blitz of GilgameshAldona Arsenaultt of FaerieR'zeph Tia of BahamutAlessio Castellan of SargatanasOzulus Odin of RagnarokKonno Yuuki of ShivaDice Tiny of ShinryuAlexia Ferrows of HyperionRanketsu Jaeger of UltrosMagnus Bane of Balmung

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