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Minion: Tiny Bulb

Each sapling is another glimpse into the wonder of the world around us. - Fufucha

DescriptionSome questions, such as why this bulb can walk, are best left unanswered.
LoreTo answer the question, “why can this bulb walk,” one must trace the seedkin's evolution back thousands of generations. Since this guide lacks the space to do so, let us simply say it has something to do with seeking sunlight under the eternal darkness of the Black Shroud's thick canopy.
How to ObtainTreasure Hunt: Treasure Hunt Reward from a Timeworn Toadskin Map.
Patch Released:2.1: A Realm Awoken


40,885 minion hunters have this minion. That's 13.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Hayel Claudel of TiamatIsabella Vedette of CerberusKaizoku Jotei of OdinAibo Miami of TonberryPrincess Tsundere of BalmungD'strukh Tiox of OdinRate Marette of BahamutGenesys Ravenwood of AdamantoiseFauxglove Silverweb of LeviathanLeia Benedict of MandragoraHaishera Sako of BalmungMira Edenbrooke of CactuarDice Kebe of MandragoraShayuyu Shayu of BehemothLadywren Jabz of FaerieTabassa Fenix of HyperionJulius Emery of CerberusRirara Rira of AnimaMoyo Mei of BeliasJaran Kha of BalmungOryk Vonlychtenstein of DiabolosDante Lowell of RagnarokAllaera Thorn of ZodiarkRael Jihwan of CerberusOniwori Kiyuromi of BalmungIzanagi Prime of TonberryBajozero Menosuno of RagnarokSilver Streak of HyperionGully Aramus of LamiaSano Chachki of BehemothFellgoth Featherfoot of FaerieGrey Foxpaw of GilgameshSun Strike of PhoenixUnholy Oracle of GilgameshFranseesko Yang of TonberryKannon Ashley of UltrosGoji Berries of ExcaliburLaq Rag of MandragoraAriel Salas of GungnirNyunyumo Nyumo of CarbuncleOmega Valvatorez of AegisLe Ciel of AegisKrystalynn Veranith of JenovaBalthandelus Bunansa of SargatanasCaroline Meowdum of LichNatsu Flora of RamuhEriku Molkot of AsuraWazal Afzal of JenovaDeodothir Lihzeh of MoogleStella Katterlain of Hyperion

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