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Minion: Tiny Tapir

Our dreams are what sustain us. - Gundobald

DescriptionNatives of the New World claim that tapirs grow by devouring the dreams of their unsuspecting owners. And now you know what to expect.
LoreBefore it was realized that the tapirs were, in fact, consuming the dreams of their owners, several hundred were sold to Ul'dahn nobles seeking a better night's sleep. Surprisingly, there were few complaints from buyers, even after learning the truth.
How to ObtainRetainer Ventures: Possible reward for Field Exploration XIV retainer venture.
Patch Released:2.3: Defenders of Eorzea


48,218 minion hunters have this minion. That's 15.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Arkhus Riddle of RagnarokLalah Eliha of AnimaMiayoko Takanashi of FaerieNaka Flocka of BalmungNoei She'oh of OdinW'kerri Thomas of UltrosMordred Pendragon of SargatanasKendra Sievert of FaerieUltimate Suzuki of KujataMarierra Cat of AegisRymmleita Darksteel of BalmungBell Shirokage of MandragoraKurisuto Firentsu of GilgameshDuoneo Starfire of LeviathanJessla Naskall of BalmungFalk Highwind of GungnirCalihye D'oraguille of BalmungZershin Ryginoshin of AdamantoiseEnelya Ancalime of ExcaliburNeo Kenway of CactuarTic Ran of BehemothJohn Marston of ShinryuZane Hyral of FamfritReiterpallasch Gensou of BeliasRygar Lionheart of OdinLigart Redwyne of BalmungAldonov Ruthven of TonberrySusan Tanaka of IxionCharlotte Elise of TonberryKifune Nijoh of MandragoraRuka Peko of MasamuneKatharina Schrat of IxionHcmeow Kitty of AegisO'kha Noguchi of ShivaYuu Asakawa of HyperionI'zzy Skye of BalmungReffrena Reaver of HyperionHaruka Nanase of FamfritCemala Willow of LeviathanAlice Celah of CerberusAlaric Carvilius of BalmungChuchunco Nononco of GilgameshSapphire Rose of TonberryMariecoco Girasole of MandragoraBlack Arrow of RagnarokJamver Drachen of OdinDaeneryz Targaryen of TonberryNami Kuchiki of BehemothSayu Ralsa of HyperionSarah Corehealer of Sargatanas

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