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Minion: Treasure Box

A pirate don't abandon 'is treasures! - Ahtzapfyn

DescriptionIt is unknown what manner of spirit possesses this tiny treasure chest, but the fact that it will not hesitate to nip at the fingers of any who try and pry it open is painfully evident.
LoreOriginally used by an Eorzean Alliance paymaster to store Allied Seals...until the box began eating them. She sold the box in hopes of recouping some of her losses (skimming off adventurer rewards to cover the rest...until she was caught and sentenced to a public flogging).
How to ObtainElite Hunts: Purchased with 440 Allied Seals from your GC affiliated Hunt Bill Master.
Patch Released:2.3: Defenders of Eorzea


43,142 minion hunters have this minion. That's 14.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Kuruminha Chan of BehemothSola Ardelt of GarudaLuna Tukishiro of KujataCain Rooney of ZeromusMirra Relanah of CactuarAlyra Akarui of ExodusKosetsu Ryuu of SargatanasDarkhunter Zero of OdinVika Jinh of BalmungShin Telrunya of BalmungYukihira Souma of FamfritYato Fiore of TiamatFreya Abendschein of JenovaLalah Sune of AtomosChan Chan of ExodusFest Rhotawaek of HyperionEdward Pavlechieko of FamfritKikirinu Titirinu of ZeromusYukky Skywalker of ShinryuYuno Gasaii of LamiaTib'racia Sandora of JenovaFrejya Incanto of BrynhildrAletia Aither of ExcaliburAyu Cecilly of ChocoboGray Man of CerberusKratos Auron of MalboroStrife Tribal of OdinYuki Shiku of BehemothDreznon Enki of LeviathanVeiza Leinz of TonberryKhaishan Qestir of BalmungSarah Alexandros of FaerieDee Colon of SargatanasClaimhsolais Aria of DurandalLuce Azzurra of BahamutAnna Yang of TyphonTyphe Velo of GoblinSamrt Wun of BalmungGeo Stigma of DiabolosGarnet Alexandria of MidgardsormrCola Addiction of UltimaLuka Solu of CactuarGriff Ziggler of ZaleraAugustine Czerani of SirenVile Messiah of SirenDhembryda Frydwilfwyn of CoeurlMarch Freed of UnicornEnora Nora of MalboroKestrel Baywe of SirenChachamaru Zen of Bahamut

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