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Minion: Wide-eyed Fawn

When making an offering of antelope innards, it is proper they are still warm. - Common Knowledge

DescriptionHis mother was either lost in a terrible hunting accident… or perhaps is just lost.
LoreAn easy target for Eorzea's carnivorous fauna, antelopes must use every advantage they have to remain free from death's dripping jaws. One of those is the remarkable ability to run mere minutes from birth. Unfortunately, that trait did not save this specimen from capture.
How to ObtainTomestone Purchase: Purchased from Auriana for 15 Allagan Tomestones of Soldiery in Revenant's Toll, Mor Dhona.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


136,126 minion hunters have this minion. That's 44.7% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Mikiya Blazblue of RagnarokShinobu Anno of LamiaYuhril Fryxell of RamuhNemx Eisenhorn of ExcaliburFox Slayer of SargatanasEli Valken of BalmungHaru Yoon of BehemothMannixx Phoenix of DiabolosKiiroi Yuki of MoogleSyu Chartreuse of TyphonUsaretama Seahowl of SirenDirty Hime of AdamantoiseZeref Bra of BehemothCaelum Nixus of LeviathanOdessa Silvertongue of TonberryMookata Jinhojiak of TonberryKhan Dovahkiin of BehemothTao Emon of RamuhYuta Rose of MandragoraKaito Azure of ZodiarkZabas Arobi of HyperionNeijr Idntknow of TonberryFabianov Godless of PhoenixRagnar Weirwood of BalmungRirity Rity of ZeromusDeahon Maxwell of SirenKhloe Xhula of SargatanasReimi Bradford of UltrosCarte Tarte of RidillKarnage Iwashiro of LamiaAnya Chan of BalmungPizdets Vsemu of CoeurlCameron Pendragon of ExcaliburAdemi Voix of GilgameshAfrica Minima of ExodusRen Shirogane of PhoenixLilishu Lishu of FenrirNaiya Alvane of JenovaWyra Amariyo of FaerieWhoop Poke of PhoenixNirakin Aelo of OdinRoderick Vallerin of CactuarMori Allisti of LeviathanTamtu Shugo'tenshi of SargatanasNatsume Katsuragi of GilgameshHurin Thalion of ShivaAstraea Mizrahi of GilgameshBryan Le of BrynhildrAlwyne Arp of RidillCholesterol Oniku of Durandal

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