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Minion: Wind-up Alisaie

For the future of Eorzea! - Alisaie (and Alphinaud)

DescriptionFor those who believe the better half deserves more time in the spotlight.
LoreIn an attempt to cover the financial losses suffered when creating three score thousand wind-up Alphinauds, the Crystal Braves treasurer took it upon himself to simply swap the mammet's hair bows and rebrand the dolls as wind-up Alisaies.
How to ObtainPurchased: Purchasable from the Mog Station.
Patch Released:3.01: Heavensward (3.01)


5,000 minion hunters have this minion. That's 1.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Kilaya Astaldo of HyperionHazuki Sorano of PhoenixDarla Moonblade of ExcaliburCornelia Sylvana of GilgameshEternal Darkness of ZodiarkAdori Lenori of TonberryMalothe Allanbright of JenovaRed Sock of AdamantoiseP'ale Dotharl of AegisFuuka Sakura of MasamuneRamza Beolve of MoogleTaliya Lacrima of MateusSakito Neji of LamiaChloe Aoi of CarbuncleAstillo Shiron of BalmungRosario Beryl of ChocoboScylune Velkarya of RagnarokRule Sixstar of GungnirNimo Warlow of PhoenixDaman Xavier of ExcaliburMexi Lostbane of SirenSmudge Skyrider of ShivaShintaru Desoto of ExcaliburKentra San of LeviathanRenata Barkhorn of ExcaliburSerah Farrom of DiabolosMayumi Bright of HadesTatiana Romanova of SargatanasMagical Galaxy of OdinPiki Inoue of CactuarVladimer Tesla of SargatanasCelesia Covenant of ExcaliburAedan Glassthorn of CoeurlJezebeth Do'urden of PhoenixPhoebe Kane of LamiaArya Liddell of TonberryT'perjha Vhuh of BalmungBlack Sky of AsuraFryce Taverner of MidgardsormrHewitt Darden of LeviathanAcorn Cookie of SirenLunar Sailing of SirenCalaera Smith of ExcaliburFeena Reah of RamuhDoom Lion of GilgameshEvelet Welmestin of RidillRenee Blutdrache of CerberusTixita Lalu of Unicorn

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