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Minion: Wind-up Alphinaud

Coming from an influential family certainly has its advantages! - Wedge

DescriptionPerfect for international summits, family get-togethers, pre- or post-battle gatherings, or any other occasion where the recapitulation of past occurrences is absolutely, positively necessary.
LoreIn an attempt to secure funding for the financially strapped organization, the Crystal Braves treasurer took it upon himself to have three score thousand crafted and delivered to Rowena's House of Splendors for sale... where they have been collecting dust since...
How to ObtainQuest Rewards: Complete the Lv. 51 Heavensward Main Scenario quest "In Search of Iceheart".
Patch Released:3.0: Heavensward


168,437 minion hunters have this minion. That's 55.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Zenaltra Soffietto of SargatanasSophia Heartfilia of BrynhildrDilly Pants of OdinKiro Azelas of FaerieTyatora Agetan of MasamuneRenge Rose of JenovaKizami Baka of GilgameshDusty Slippers of GilgameshFuku O'connor of GungnirDrunkn Hermit of OdinAlexis Rayne of MidgardsormrRelicwary Iodominae of FaerieEvaniel Crosbee of CerberusElnaz Muffin of ZodiarkBlack Arrow of RagnarokShin Tia of MandragoraEredor Blazewalker of HyperionChronic Constipation of LeviathanBlue Sargent of FaerieKazuya Ryukami of HyperionWax Ladrian of BrynhildrHoly Star of FaerieMin Umbriel of BehemothZooku Necrofear of MoogleMangastar Lemonparty of RagnarokPhailyn Rillemont of JenovaWryxian Gaulder of RagnarokMoca Milk of BeliasDraign Albico of ZodiarkGrigori Gardner of UltrosMiya Tanaka of TonberrySara Faythe of ShivaNimue Silverstream of BrynhildrFellena Falkirk of CactuarAres Lancelist of BalmungNoire Brackheart of AtomosYaki Giri of SargatanasGildabelle Aubrey of GoblinRyujin Onigami of BahamutBlyght Kraken of BalmungKime No'raya of MoogleOokami Nightwolf of LeviathanDalwin Eldor of GoblinPhoenix Diamondis of ExodusMarkus Gorromin of FamfritSterling Leonhart of ExcaliburClaes Freda of GungnirBio Bullet of MalboroYoui Ra of TiamatJordan Blackstone of Diabolos

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