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Minion: Wind-up Brickman

Can ye smell it? 'Tis the scent o' profit, my friend! - Beefy Businessman

DescriptionThe brickman gets up and looks over as if it wants to join the party!
LoreOne unexpected side effect of the Calamity has been the significant increase in aetherial rifts appearing throughout the realm. As a result, strange creatures not of this world have been popping in and out of existence without warning– one of those being the bizarre brickman.
How to ObtainSeasonal & Special Events: Reward for the Special Event ""There's Golems in Those Hills!""

From Tuesday, Jan. 21 - Mon. February 3, 2014.
Patch Released:2.1: A Realm Awoken


70,759 minion hunters have this minion. That's 23.3% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Swordoid Skullblade of AlexanderRealleet Destroyer of ExcaliburDaizel Raferos of TonberryTaigoh Araikhat of BehemothNyan Kichi of KujataMichael Hawke of BrynhildrZein Vanzin of GoblinGappi Idea of GarudaJudge Nightstriker of HyperionYato Nokami of TitanAo Hige of ZeromusLily Barron of SirenPrince Honeypuff of GilgameshEllisia Schaefer of MidgardsormrKairus Gyrkin of BalmungPeter Webster of ExcaliburSairah Mihgo of ExcaliburShooting Star of MandragoraKaato Higashitaka of MoogleTanu Kiti of FenrirRuriy Lapis of RamuhJosiah Veicci of GoblinNexus Darkstar of SargatanasFervus Meath of SirenDhavi Tesu of BehemothArashi Ren of BalmungBlazor Akathens of HyperionSirtet Mousekewitz of UltrosKenway Mcburglepot of BehemothPrincess Jibrita of FaerieMog Beater of BalmungNatalma Bred of MasamuneZhyrix Shadowfox of SirenKenji Darkheart of ExodusMarilee Angel of CerberusA'ska Fhaelyn of OdinGota Rihne of ShivaAnzu Mazaki of ExcaliburFenris Sulver of UltrosShinoru Falandwyr of OdinHaggar Drinksalott of BehemothLynx Laroux of LeviathanLawk Doon of BalmungBitter Bitter of AlexanderJhoo Valeth of RagnarokKos Umou of GungnirSaha Memelata of MasamuneAngelus Legrand of BrynhildrJack Hsu of HadesRubin Ribnick of Jenova

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