Minion: Wind-up Brickman

Can ye smell it? 'Tis the scent o' profit, my friend! - Beefy Businessman

DescriptionThe brickman gets up and looks over as if it wants to join the party!
LoreOne unexpected side effect of the Calamity has been the significant increase in aetherial rifts appearing throughout the realm. As a result, strange creatures not of this world have been popping in and out of existence without warning– one of those being the bizarre brickman.
How to ObtainSeasonal & Special Events: Reward for the Special Event ""There's Golems in Those Hills!""

From Tuesday, Jan. 21 - Mon. February 3, 2014.
Patch Released:2.1: A Realm Awoken


40,180 minion hunters have this minion. That's 27.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Leo Highwind of CactuarNaomi Amell of MalboroRaih'to Viqqoh of ShivaOppu Bastion of CarbuncleTardtad Fouchington of MidgardsormrJithra Fortuna of AdamantoiseLya Savage of CerberusMalikye Godfree of SargatanasKarth Pariah of GilgameshGrey Knight of CerberusLuminous Glow of ExodusS'lina Rebelle of RagnarokOmix Kiwata of OdinStorm Fire of ExcaliburArina Rosenthal of LeviathanKote Okopun of UltimaYokimitsuro K'shtah of RagnarokDziu Haize of LichAlea Deschain of RagnarokRumi Kurogane of PandaemoniumReto Moonring of MandragoraDan Delion of LamiaSlightly Moist of ExodusCoco' Lihzeh of MoogleDia Deem of BalmungAnn Simms of TonberryIgoor Whitesoul of RagnarokMors Glacies of ShinryuCy Cal of UltrosHahabeta Nonobeta of PhoenixLuciphear Greywoods of FaerieHelpyalot Orng of AtomosReevar Magys of UltrosSilver Dragon of ExcaliburMiamo Skycrawler of ShivaLotus Swan of GilgameshMasa Roland of TitanHeilmittel Katze of MasamuneRysan Wulfric of HyperionBuchi Buchi of CarbunclePekekou Kamikaze of AegisCelestial Edge of OdinCherry Puff of ExcaliburZindell Lightweaver of MoogleEro Shin of BalmungAmmit Praeda of CactuarMeier Rhiigo of AdamantoiseBorusu Heiral of AegisPeco Harime of ShivaMercy Australis of Midgardsormr

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