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Minion: Wind-up Brickman

Can ye smell it? 'Tis the scent o' profit, my friend! - Beefy Businessman

DescriptionThe brickman gets up and looks over as if it wants to join the party!
LoreOne unexpected side effect of the Calamity has been the significant increase in aetherial rifts appearing throughout the realm. As a result, strange creatures not of this world have been popping in and out of existence without warning– one of those being the bizarre brickman.
How to ObtainSeasonal & Special Events: Reward for the Special Event ""There's Golems in Those Hills!""

From Tuesday, Jan. 21 - Mon. February 3, 2014.
Patch Released:2.1: A Realm Awoken


70,759 minion hunters have this minion. That's 23.3% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Noctis Infernalis of PhoenixMai Chan of MasamuneKioki Kun of RagnarokChesire Centin of BalmungMundilfari Briningr of CerberusJanelle Dessalines of HyperionToruna Uzakura of DiabolosBeringer Skullbreaker of JenovaHades Rhadamanthys of ShivaLani Lunette of BalmungSaren Derath of SirenLily Noel of BahamutRoivas Alenko of RagnarokLil Lala of BalmungFedor Drakon of GilgameshCordre Sh'kar of HyperionZero Belmont of AdamantoiseTasshy Nya of HadesShuuugo Wuuugo of SargatanasRyuji Eiji of HyperionK'rinha Tia of AtomosMikayla Belle of CarbuncleJojo Hikicker of AsuraMeara Brann of CoeurlPure Tear of LeviathanLeda Luminous of RagnarokNavel Inaba of BahamutSabbern Fabrik of HyperionLink Dead of ChocoboFeugy Taru of SargatanasNiclause Aigoullette of GoblinAtropos Flawless of DurandalMisti Eria of SirenTaciont Mikoto of DiabolosJodou Kast of LamiaSharki Khan of FaerieGael Deimos of HyperionAirim Tukuyomi of MasamuneUmeboshi Jyun of ChocoboKnyvia Hikeru of PhoenixFilomeno Babia of OdinDefcon One of TonberryYui Azusa- of AnimaSeika Kaisuri of GilgameshDuebrithil Layenne of PhoenixSyake Kuro of BahamutAuren Jaegar of AdamantoiseMapi Pokopoko of AsuraEryu Shiroishi of OdinHashbrowns Arata of Titan

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