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Minion: Wind-up Cheerleader

Oh, do cheer up. Better to die once than live ever in shame. - Hunt Billmaster

DescriptionOh, I think that you've found yourself a cheerleader.
LoreCommissioned by officers stationed in the Wolves' Den, the cheerleader was designed to enkindle the spirits of the arena's competitors. Some have noticed, however, that if a match begins to stagnate, her chants devolve from little lady cheers into Lominsan sailor jeers.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.3: Revenge of the Horde


10,351 minion hunters have this minion. That's 3.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Freeze Dried of ExcaliburSanjo Tsubame of BahamutLutris Enhydra of TonberryShadow Nobunaga of CarbuncleTol Arch of AegisVizex Xene of MidgardsormrChappi Rukia of CerberusPookie Faoiltiama of MidgardsormrLuphina Phila of ShivaTristan Elvene of BalmungWolfram Blackthorne of GilgameshRuusia Lamer of PandaemoniumUzo Muzo of TonberryKurochio Dracht of JenovaHyze Bidan of RagnarokUni Ratta of ChocoboHaseo Ryou of AdamantoiseAspara Gus of RamuhShaoran Kun of SirenPsy Orz of UltimaHammerhead Browne of GarudaKhronos Flugilo of MasamuneRudeus Greyrat of GilgameshFate'taro Einzbern of ShinryuStella Kisaragi of GungnirKyoro Rororo of BahamutRed Skylon of PhoenixPiaa Porter of DurandalPatricia Pique of TitanFulikake Okaka of YojimboRaminel Sorel of FaerieWooly Clouds of GilgameshChigu Hagu of BahamutMiroku Takahashi of HyperionKate Hoshimiya of UnicornElly Vanh of MoogleNel Artux of RagnarokAlexia Reybrant of CactuarXander Kodi of AtomosTarmae Mikto of FamfritRhys Arrior of FamfritGuy Hass of BehemothKuro Regal of FaerieHyuna Adachi of GilgameshMinah Tirth of CoeurlLobo Muerte of FamfritAva Fae of HyperionKhiry Noire of LeviathanLothos Greywolfe of HyperionMeg Berry of Bahamut

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