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Minion: Wind-up Cheerleader

Oh, do cheer up. Better to die once than live ever in shame. - Hunt Billmaster

DescriptionOh, I think that you've found yourself a cheerleader.
LoreCommissioned by officers stationed in the Wolves' Den, the cheerleader was designed to enkindle the spirits of the arena's competitors. Some have noticed, however, that if a match begins to stagnate, her chants devolve from little lady cheers into Lominsan sailor jeers.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.3: Revenge of the Horde


10,351 minion hunters have this minion. That's 3.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Albert Kisama of BalmungDonut Tarukun of BalmungOlivia Bernstein of RamuhChirachira Mitetadaro of KujataQuetzal Coatl of GilgameshAqua Cranach of MasamuneMilca Mayte of GarudaIl Tia of BahamutDrahcir Gneh of GoblinEve Knight of BalmungLadd Russo of CarbuncleSky Moon of TiamatTyson Bloodsurge of BalmungRoisu Funny of FenrirAtori Azalea of HadesDarth Dnb of FaerieLahu Foraz of BalmungPyoko Venture of TitanMat Dogg of BehemothWetiko Cocotiko of ChocoboFlairice Riloa of ExcaliburBlair Ipswich of BalmungRaven Skywalker of TiamatJon Spellcaster of ShivaAstiy Muu of MasamuneMr Hobbit of CerberusCelestial Angel of LeviathanDead Meat of BalmungGurin Rin of RidillJoker Ace of DurandalMathieu Jandelaine of LichFate Testarossaxx of KujataHoro Wise of CerberusTank Girl of DiabolosSoujiro' Seta of FaerieCoco Reed of FenrirDaijo Ichijo of BalmungTowawa Towa of AnimaEvie Devious of MidgardsormrPsy Orz of UltimaGreen Doge of TonberryDarryl Shade of GarudaKanitank Sprechchor of TiamatArc Noble of MandragoraKaliska Rhele of CerberusZyiiesi Starwind of FaerieYusuke Ninja of BehemothX'azhyk Tia of SirenRoooooll Rall of Carbuncle

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