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Minion: Wind-up Cheerleader

Oh, do cheer up. Better to die once than live ever in shame. - Hunt Billmaster

DescriptionOh, I think that you've found yourself a cheerleader.
LoreCommissioned by officers stationed in the Wolves' Den, the cheerleader was designed to enkindle the spirits of the arena's competitors. Some have noticed, however, that if a match begins to stagnate, her chants devolve from little lady cheers into Lominsan sailor jeers.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.3: Revenge of the Horde


10,351 minion hunters have this minion. That's 3.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Choleciel Tieren of GoblinNach Fulmine of LeviathanAlii Baba of OdinNurupo Wasabisagi of TonberryStella Iris of FamfritS'nekorha Tia of TiamatEspikes Darkwind of HyperionMattya Uri of RamuhRyu Infiniti of DiabolosMickey D's of SirenNoel Scarlet of ShinryuNikyu Kyupia of IfritReploid Vonkoopa of GoblinGiselle Doll of ChocoboDennis Bergkamp of TiamatTanya Fierlaine of GilgameshIzumi Renka of GilgameshShela Valentine of BahamutHazel Rayleigh of IxionFerix Freyr of MasamuneTrasthyr Wintwolfsyn of RagnarokVoch Gilgamesh of HyperionNessima Pond of FaerieAyumu Aikawa of ExodusElwing Strike of ShivaWolfie Winchester of GilgameshBucknazzty Darkpickle of BrynhildrX'tara T'rana of BalmungLilly Satou of TonberryMirh Thavis of RagnarokXander Kodi of AtomosSarcasm Irony of UltrosLuca Zen of MidgardsormrDazai Da'requiem of GilgameshI'ajani Mana'ii of GilgameshTina Lth of BahamutNiwa Tori of DurandalYerentai Orben of OdinKaiyoko Star of SargatanasAono Tsukune of BehemothFinal Oblivion of MoogleHaplo Nisei of ExcaliburFawkes Macleod of ExcaliburAsh Elrick of MoogleMilk Shake of OdinKyo Vasdale of TiamatAndeo Skysurfer of PhoenixBethinkz Blazer of TonberryArtorias Soul of BrynhildrLunaris Umbra of Ixion

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