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Minion: Wind-up Dalamud

The lifeblood spilled in Dalamud's name shall be blessed upon His return. - Foxe

DescriptionDo not attempt to pry open under any circumstances.
LoreAfter Dalamud's fall, a wealthy Ul'dahn noble commissioned a famous troupe of musicians to write a dirge for the heroes of Carteneau and play it across Eorzea so that the deeds of the fallen would not be forgotten. This wind-up model of the red moon has naught to do with the dirge.
How to ObtainPromotions: Obtained from Promotional Code included with the "Before Meteor" Blu-ray soundtrack. (First run print only)
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


5,922 minion hunters have this minion. That's 1.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Dinalph Nuit of RagnarokChigu Hagu of BahamutVili Ragnarok of ExcaliburWynne Fanchon of LeviathanDoctor Mog of HyperionIgorina Dress of HyperionTomon Kasshu of CarbuncleKull Pull of MandragoraPoppy Moon of LichSwag Invictus of BalmungLalafel Halmlinge of ShivaSunny Ashford of MasamuneAlistair Clarent of AdamantoiseTina Forster of MasamuneChicken Pox of JenovaAleria Vrinn of SargatanasJaga Kuo of AegisMikasa Ackermann of SargatanasLeaf'ir Goatherd of RamuhRufa Lux of MasamuneAzel Orufia of RidillAqualin Riversong of ExcaliburSora Aozaki of DurandalAurion Selphius of BalmungMama San of BahamutTaoquitok Galabantay of MoogleSunjing Lee of ExcaliburChaosprime Zero of OdinCecill Baritor of MasamuneSutamin Lynfield of DurandalPugera Uhyooo of AegisAura Ludus of ChocoboChaud Alcaster of GoblinKino Kuno of GilgameshAlphonse Klimt of BalmungLena Sharon of GungnirFoo Bar of JenovaXiao Amane of AlexanderTaliho Silvershade of HyperionTannlore Belegeria of BalmungNilis Elyfila of AegisLicca Locca of GungnirIrvanes Kaizokuoni of BrynhildrReine Zoe of CarbuncleMireus Highland of AegisNatas Terror of RagnarokKevara Paige of OdinShun Migi of KujataLenalee Lee of MandragoraLucky Bancho of Carbuncle

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