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Minion: Wind-up Dullahan

Pray retrieve the gift ere it is crushed beneath the iron feet of the dullahans! - G'raha Tia

DescriptionWarning: may contain sharp parts.
LoreVoidsent dullahan are, in fact, shapeless entities who must first inhabit an inanimate host (such as a suit of armor) before gaining the ability to exert force upon the physical plane in which we reside. Luckily, the only things inhabiting this wind-up contraption are manifold gears and rods.
How to ObtainCrafting: Crafted by a Armorer with: Water Shard x99, Darksteel Nugget x3
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


51,297 minion hunters have this minion. That's 16.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Kaede Koi of LeviathanDagmar Nettelbeck of BahamutMeowster Chief of ExodusValenaria Wallace of BehemothZajeel Zugunruhe of GilgameshAli Chino of AtomosTsuya Hikage of RagnarokRaine Feel of RamuhKefira Espers of UltrosEphidale Sunstriker of BehemothIchico Star of GungnirLucia Maxwell of AnimaRobb Stark of HyperionFuu Champuru of BalmungLaarsa Hellfire of PhoenixSipela Atkascha of TonberryCamella Harlan of BalmungIso Depths of OdinXan Lakota of PhoenixEllipsis Spectre of ShinryuZeni Vulpine of HyperionKylia Wynn of HyperionTessana Sondres of GilgameshBranford Armstrong of CerberusUni Ratta of ChocoboCarina Leonessa of ChocoboRuka Lucky of PandaemoniumBun Bun of CactuarMurk Status of ExcaliburRamen Delira of LeviathanSylvenet Grimmaux of GilgameshGlyth Emryld of SirenCoko Nanicoko of CarbuncleGray Embers of BalmungK'rad Genome of GilgameshAgrius Thanatos of LeviathanLauras Khan of PhoenixKamille Geruch of UltimaChi Mochi of AnimaSelphyna Loona of PhoenixMirna Ruarc of MateusDamien Grim of OdinNecoco Miyumi of DiabolosEmy Zidel of DurandalOdinsword Knight of DurandalMara Awandah of OdinAleuce Delong of LamiaVesper Aquilus of CactuarHiro Pine of RamuhLuumina Sage of Behemoth

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