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Minion: Wind-up Garuda

Heehee HAHA hahaha HEEHEE haha HEEEEEE!!! - Garuda

DescriptionHopefully she will not HEEHEE haha HEEE!!! too loudly in your ear.
LoreUnderstandably, many in Gridania opposed the manufacture of an automaton depicting the Ixal's chosen primal. However, since the publication of an article in The Raven espousing the puppet's efficacy as a good luck charm, production can barely keep up with demand.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.2: The Gears of Change


23,290 minion hunters have this minion. That's 7.7% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Hannah Anna of AegisLisbeth Zeldarosa of FaerieRyu Star of GarudaVel Stauelg of BahamutLigart Wynter of BehemothSekibanki Dullahan of BehemothWoof Woof of DiabolosAryakh Keladin of OdinAlexandria Keslar of SirenSneaky Pandaface of ExcaliburA'ri Azuresora of BalmungChibe Bebe of YojimboKanano Azunya of BeliasHfi Kn of ValeforTorico Quon of GilgameshPrin Lowe of AdamantoiseDalok Rorolai of ExcaliburHokumi Dovakiin of MoogleNicola Outback of TitanCaelum Lucain of FaerieLuxus Archmagus of CactuarAcacia Kaori of MoogleTsubasa Blackcat of ChocoboKidala Navir of BalmungBagura Don of UnicornColbert West of AdamantoiseCasval Zeon of JenovaHawu Jawantal of CerberusDio Mune of HyperionJames Hobbs of BrynhildrMeraruu Tsukino of GilgameshOmni Vicari of GilgameshEthereal Nijix of FamfritCaeldan Caldoren of JenovaPeach Thunder of OdinKieren Dohla of FaerieDarkan Io of MoogleReyna Elmdore of HyperionA'tirian Rikkar of CoeurlNohime Fuhen of BalmungFissa Rema of TyphonOmbre Flamme of MoogleHatsune Moonie of OdinSir Taint of GilgameshKeshalyi Jinxs of FaerieMyst Dilener of UltrosS'oru Tola of BahamutKurai Holy of ExcaliburFalcon Orgill of TiamatGray Dawnclaw of Ultros

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