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Minion: Wind-up Gundu Warrior

Like breeze guides leaves to rest, come and lay down your burdens, netherlings! - Lonu Vanu

DescriptionHe weighs far less than it appears.
LoreCreated by a Gundu shaman using techniques similar to those employed to craft battle totems, this animated doll contains no wheels or gears, but is rather propelled by an ancient Gundu enchantment known only to a handful of village elders.
How to ObtainGil Purchase: Can be purchased from Luna Vanu for 30,000 gil upon reaching Trusted reputation.
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


54,133 minion hunters have this minion. That's 17.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Asher Koto of MalboroRukeios Erebh of BehemothBruin Cub of SargatanasBambi Kin of FamfritEkehatatya Dewindy of CerberusVanessa Lockhart of GoblinSky Armada of SargatanasRizumu Merodi of LeviathanGold Moon of SargatanasElize Lutus of GilgameshShuno Rahl of ZeromusStarlite Starbrite of GoblinElena Stardust of RagnarokJade Arcam of GungnirAlex Dante of CactuarChicken Soup of RagnarokVallerin Appleseed of TonberryKona Mujuuk of BehemothRei Moonshade of GilgameshMichael Darklight of RagnarokLathe Mogera of RamuhHeki Syoly of TitanMacbeth Alba of BahamutShizuo Chaosbringer of BrynhildrRadiance Hakura of CactuarYoko Schwarzmagier of LeviathanAlmaz Hiro of SargatanasWarken Alnarg of UnicornYosuke Light of GilgameshKaiyu Ruokari of ShivaKiri Rin of FaerieSound Wolf of LeviathanViolent Purple of FaerieNym Vulpes of ShivaTyr Aetherclaw of GilgameshAlbano Trickstar of GungnirKyukyusha Kyusha of GilgameshRaynor Baine of FaerieMacaroni Cheese of ExcaliburRaspberry Tart of ExcaliburSakura Bellwood of AnimaVanyel Hashiba of DiabolosRezel Quinmantha of ValeforRanillo Toro of ShinryuNatsuki Yamato of BalmungMiya Non of TitanRed Eve of LeviathanRally Diamond of AlexanderFatum Darkness of ZodiarkP'nini Tramezzino of Coeurl

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