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Minion: wind-up Iceheart

Whether it takes days, weeks, moons, or even years, my knights will find her. - Aymeric

DescriptionToo hot to handle, too cold to hold.
LoreThe brainchild of one of Lady Iceheart's fanatical followers, this lifelike automaton was to be sold in Ishgardian toy shoppes under the name “Ice Princess” with hopes of secretly indoctrinating young children in the ways of the heretics.
How to ObtainSeasonal & Special Events: Available during the 2015 "The Rising" event.
Patch Released:3.05: Heavensward (3.05)


84,522 minion hunters have this minion. That's 27.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Mark Lililai of RagnarokTorden Skyraven of SirenKatoma Mundara of FaerieSiyuro Sasana of KujataA'shenn Nunh of RagnarokJohn Marston of SirenAi Asuthin of BahamutGottfried Wilhelm of DurandalEvangel Aureus of MidgardsormrSarai Vanlaere of CactuarReaghar Targaryen of RagnarokAster Tataricus of ValeforVin De'mias of ZaleraDaemon Cron of GoblinArtorious Somonus of GilgameshRin Ashley of BahamutSolrain Undina of MidgardsormrRhela Molkah of PhoenixShione N's of AlexanderSpiked Arrow of PhoenixHaqen J'ghar of ExcaliburEl Romulus of RagnarokW'nelys Dhen of MoogleAria Ashford of GilgameshIliya Xayne of TonberryX'chai Tiarus of CerberusNao Blackmoon of ZeromusEsurio Pullum of GilgameshMelia Songwolf of BalmungO'ndanya Fhey of LichSolaris Sunwalker of ExcaliburIngram Seires of LichKefalas Bubblypots of BrynhildrJake Lawrence of TiamatMill Valetta of ZeromusNikki Five of BalmungSakura Ami of TyphonMunkey Thorne of ExcaliburKitty Chan of TonberryMinamo Yukinagi of MandragoraZooey Lowe of GilgameshSo La of AsuraYve Ronsarl of TiamatDemi Badger of ZodiarkSchwarzer Regen of ChocoboAlana Bloom of RagnarokDylzi Pickle of GilgameshAlexandrite Ruan of BalmungMyrddin Shadowsbane of GilgameshPoporu Savarin of Gungnir

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