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Minion: Wind-up Ifrit

Ifrit's fiery piss! Just how many of these damned rogues are there!? - Quimperain

DescriptionIt doesn't bleed. You cannot kill it. (But you may discard it at your leisure.)
LoreTo celebrate your slaying of the fell primal, the Weavers' Guild crafted scores of these lifelike replicas which were, much to the chagrin of Ul'dah's youth, immediately snatched up by wealthy collectors and locked away for no one to see.
How to ObtainCrafting: Crafted by Master Weaver III. Fire Shard (99), Blood Pepper, Chimerical Felt, Crawler Silk, Ifrit's Horn
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


26,683 minion hunters have this minion. That's 8.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Raven Sokolova of HyperionDaine Gerzone of SargatanasElde Valtin of ZeromusAlex Sage of ExcaliburGateau Chocolat of BahamutMeo Fei of FaerieAranea' Highwind of LeviathanLuther Wingfield of AegisIkumaru Ll'o'ln of ChocoboStrawberry Daiquiri of BrynhildrCourier Quintisha of CarbuncleBrandon Amadeus of LichGreen Avocado of SargatanasClass Heroes of UltimaRetno Moogleton of PhoenixZazie Rainyday of JenovaDeryn Aratamete of HyperionCassius Murdock of AdamantoiseCunn Tinkle of TonberryPsybon Lacroix of GilgameshNoel Valentino of BalmungXander Macleod of HyperionSahra Starlight of OdinFriendly Hazard of MidgardsormrMr Pryde of ZaleraSpeed Wagon of JenovaFrag Ment of IfritKharaji Dazkar of SargatanasYuki Kuet of AegisDemo Thanatos of ExodusPucca Pucca of AdamantoiseMadness Tolkiendil of MoogleArk Afazin of AdamantoisePrince Ayu of ExcaliburRei Quze of UltimaChack Zipper of AnimaNatsu Mimi of GilgameshSer Zypher of ExcaliburKassia Hirata of ChocoboAstrolumas Visumas of BehemothRoi Soleil of FaerieRydia Meridian of GilgameshTsubasa Heartfilia of GungnirLucina Fia of RamuhLink Firestorm of BehemothPonica Arnica of RamuhSilver Cascade of UltrosSylmeria Madeen of OdinSoulest Swordian of BahamutStryder Laventine of Cactuar

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