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Minion: Wind-up Kain

It's all right. I...I'm back in control of myself. - Kain

DescriptionA few moments may be needed to allow him to regain control of himself.
LoreThe tale of Kain?the dragoon who abandoned his duty for honor?is well-known amongst Ishgardian children. To maximize height on his jumps, the craftsman of this clockwork automaton lined the main control springs with over-aspected wind crystals.
How to ObtainPromotions: Obtained from purchasing and registering a Collector's Edition of Heavensward.
Patch Released:3.0: Heavensward


110,145 minion hunters have this minion. That's 36.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Jay Hango of CactuarRaja Gemini of MidgardsormrAlucard Bloodborne of GilgameshRedfall Titor of ExodusChaotic Soulblaze of UltrosBulls Somerset of AdamantoiseRachel Jantellot of ShinryuMythra Quick of FaerieMattoid Shappo of SargatanasIva Pean of RagnarokOghii Fashonti of MoogleYuki Moonflower of ShinryuXilent Rez of FamfritJujux Ul'namo of CerberusFayeth Righteous of BalmungVomit Chan of BalmungM'ikayla Vongrimm of SargatanasKyoko Toshino of CactuarComplx Adonis of CactuarAtaa Boc of ExodusChinatsu Suzushina of MandragoraSel'yvera Luxet of JenovaAndros Bairon of OdinSukoshi Seppen of BalmungFayt Reaper of SargatanasDesfera Tsukino of UltrosXeza Surgate of GilgameshRaitle Kasinova of JenovaJennifer Mishima of FamfritTweekus Mageman of DiabolosLil Bitaboost of GilgameshMist Skyicon of MasamuneSura Twilight of GilgameshFalcanis Silvarn of BalmungDanknutia Jamison of ExcaliburAleiye Asharel of BalmungErica Serenity of BahamutU'vette Tia of JenovaNedriel Miu of PhoenixDrake Stormsword of JenovaMimaya Synfemir of CerberusShar Dazkar of CerberusP'kard Namor of DiabolosVarealn Ori'hara of JenovaVee Mon of UltrosGwendal Tia of YojimboBittersweet Rhapsody of BalmungLivius Luve of AtomosLalalao Wawalao of CactuarSpace Jams of Ragnarok

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