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Minion: Wind-up Leader

The leaders of Eorzea had lost their way–I merely helped them find it again. - Minfilia

DescriptionA leader who will follow you unquestioningly - for coin and country; for serenity, purity, sanctity; till sea swallows all.
LoreOriginally crafted to promote the Grand Companies of Eorzea, these clockwork dolls are often rewarded to company members for exceptional service. There are three models of wind-up leaders, one to represent each of the three heads of Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, and Ul'dah.
How to ObtainVeteran Rewards: Veteran Reward for subscribing for 270 cumulative days (9 months).
Special Notes:Summons either Raubhan, Merlwyb or Kann-E-Senna depending on the Grand Company with which you are currently allied. Cannot be used if not allied with a Grand Company.
Patch Released:2.1: A Realm Awoken


184,869 minion hunters have this minion. That's 60.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Worstname Ever of JenovaImp'osters Sw of CerberusGaven Lion of BehemothTocca Kalanchoe of FenrirKyah Black of ZodiarkSa Bo of OdinZevik Decurry of MalboroLudovika Beethoven of GungnirYayapoki Nonopoki of ShivaVeola Palico of GoblinGlycin Grandeur of LamiaShana Tonberry of RagnarokTaroro Zeroro of AegisAlve'are Viera of LeviathanKazuto Kiyomori of ExodusRandulf Earthdancer of BalmungKen Young of TitanIgnis Misuri of OdinSargh Flameshower of MidgardsormrQuince Viville of BalmungDizzy Saeko of RagnarokStar Mihgo of GilgameshTheo Raeken of FamfritVivi Nox of BalmungMakeneko Akira of TiamatMink Minky of MandragoraNaomi Tsukino of RagnarokSawari Hanekawa of LeviathanRobery Iris of FenrirWhat Thehell of FaerieSerenity Val'heed of GilgameshCyrian Arkwright of CerberusYuriku Journey of IxionBittie Jai of LamiaBig Cath of TitanSilica Starshine of ShivaSchwarz Glocke of AnimaSasarai Tengou of HyperionKihota Atrus of CactuarMercury Rory of MoogleNanami Narna of BahamutAnesum Rigwell of ExodusZhai Allons'y of LamiaGlacies Die'nudel of ShivaLaurent Raizen of RagnarokStella Lucas of BahamutTirza Fate of ExcaliburTanu Black of TitanZenni Dragonsamurai of ExcaliburKayade Decourcey of Leviathan

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