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Minion: wind-up Moenbryda

I shall allow no foe to harm the lovely Moenbryda. - Thancred

DescriptionSummon your wind-up Moenbryda minion. Destined to die a hero...and live on as a mechanized servitor.
LoreThis anatomically accurate representation of Moenbryda was secretly crafted by none other than Urianger immediately following the untimely passing of his beloved companion. What he did with it before it passed to your hands is a tale best left untold.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.4: Soul Surrender


83,995 minion hunters have this minion. That's 27.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Azure Havik of UltrosGranate Carbuncle of CarbuncleSeriza Valentine of MidgardsormrCarlos Zoubakin of BehemothD'suqu Teinixi of CerberusTomo Sun of TiamatJuly Mooncake of RidillLorena Biscione of RidillLohn Goron of CactuarFaye Valentine of MasamuneAureolus Primus of LichHaru Nyanase of CerberusImagirl Penguin of JenovaZachariah Raiel of RagnarokPapa Cooldown of BalmungEstellise Scifo of BrynhildrW'aharra Runja of BrynhildrNecross Markov of LamiaVolmes Unog of PhoenixKyliam Elmdore of SargatanasValentin D'azaire of BalmungApple Pudding of LeviathanOni Griever of BehemothSkoll Solais of CoeurlFaxanadude Jones of HyperionIzanagi Lance of HadesHawns Ll'o'h of GilgameshJenny Lockser of ShivaTyler Finney of UltrosDrewsef Appalachia of GoblinChrysalis Lonestar of DiabolosBerserk Healer of BalmungVan Buren of GilgameshAlison Dilaurentis of FamfritNolto Nade of ValeforRuy'ne Feala of ShinryuRheia Titania of RagnarokKikyo Zoldyck of GilgameshUiiru Attlee of FenrirMadein Dark of TonberryHometree Defender of SirenLeona Strife of GilgameshNejjy Lamia of CactuarMatcha Frappuccino of ChocoboChosen One of FamfritNucifera Lotus of UltrosNacht Vanritter of HadesLin Rain of CerberusHirme Dreamirage of Sargatanas

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