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Minion: wind-up Moenbryda

I shall allow no foe to harm the lovely Moenbryda. - Thancred

DescriptionSummon your wind-up Moenbryda minion. Destined to die a hero...and live on as a mechanized servitor.
LoreThis anatomically accurate representation of Moenbryda was secretly crafted by none other than Urianger immediately following the untimely passing of his beloved companion. What he did with it before it passed to your hands is a tale best left untold.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.4: Soul Surrender


83,995 minion hunters have this minion. That's 27.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Lapka Tsarapka of CerberusFeral Fenix of LichLea Sidhe of BalmungFayden Vortes of LeviathanLacie Mellier of BehemothRoia Linus of BalmungDaimien Bloodranz of ExodusMomo Momo of BahamutCeleste Moonshire of UltrosSabrael Arkwright of ShivaLysis Malqir of BalmungYuri Kisu of FaerieEmi Lucrece of LamiaShadow Striker of MoogleRetoree Ailiosua of CoeurlLord Hitokiri of BalmungGilgamesh Highwind of GilgameshZanth Tetsuken of PhoenixLime Lush of MandragoraEren Fayde of FaerieScorch Ashbel of BalmungMare Fiore of FaerieGrymhaerz Mhasoeya of MalboroIzuna Neko of LichJanryusaryu Ryakooo of PhoenixForsaken Reaver of DiabolosAdair Rallis of BehemothMericle Chamlotte of GilgameshRagna The'bloodedge of GoblinOhno Vaciff of ZaleraVesemir Whitewolf of OdinSaha Mittaz of OdinChrome Noir of TonberryNaoh'a Lanbatal of SargatanasAlexander Lagerfeld of GilgameshJoph Walk of RagnarokOgdakius Kathel of BalmungDharitri Saudamini of OdinOphiucha Knight of ShivaLord Nathan of DiabolosPax Eterne of AdamantoiseMelete Ri of BalmungSazan Reichhart of KujataMist Kiritani of RamuhAtori Dhoro of UltrosGalaihaurat Oraguille of BalmungTallon Overworld of RagnarokTihchohih Tihchome of FaerieRico Sommeil of TiamatAnu Ganajai of Excalibur

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