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Minion: wind-up Moenbryda

I shall allow no foe to harm the lovely Moenbryda. - Thancred

DescriptionSummon your wind-up Moenbryda minion. Destined to die a hero...and live on as a mechanized servitor.
LoreThis anatomically accurate representation of Moenbryda was secretly crafted by none other than Urianger immediately following the untimely passing of his beloved companion. What he did with it before it passed to your hands is a tale best left untold.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.4: Soul Surrender


83,995 minion hunters have this minion. That's 27.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

V'haria Da'luka of MidgardsormrDave Ackerman of PhoenixAven Vaulton of TonberryJisella Torrinth of BalmungZaia Serafall of GilgameshC'amfheri Klauser of FamfritTsumakushi Iris of MasamuneHazuki Tsuki of MalboroCasual Mog of TonberrySolfia Luna of MandragoraKit Fox of BalmungLiliane Celestia of MandragoraLilliwrath Von'serith of LeviathanGaius Marius of IxionJulius Magix of TonberryKyut Tsundere of GilgameshLux Andromeda of ExcaliburLeanora Marcellis of LamiaShino Nome of MasamuneIgnis Nox of CerberusOscar Chono of AlexanderAnika Delpy of FamfritNaomi Tates of ExodusCrystal Mccloud of CerberusSia Reeve of TonberryJ'nessa Gevair of BrynhildrMarsali Blackthorne of UltrosAurelle Marinterre of HyperionExa Legiuse of TitanPanda Monokuro of IfritAngela Zeppeli of BahamutNathma Baenn of MidgardsormrYutamaru Miyako of GarudaIzayoi Sakuya of ZeromusLeokun Hikari-no of ShinryuPurple Hayz of FaerieBastian Ghostpaw of BalmungL'iam Tao of HyperionLe'n Yura of HyperionAce Aetheryn of LeviathanLilyth Tinker of LeviathanCharles Vane of HyperionOreo The'cookie of DiabolosAlex Greaver of BrynhildrDoc Snow of BehemothZaydro Noahj of MoogleSophia Runja of PhoenixRex Latrans of MalboroJaxom Den'hart of RagnarokUrek Jaeger of Hyperion

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