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Minion: Wind-up Moogle

What the moogles lack in grace, they amply make up for in wit. - Jehantel

DescriptionWith its button nose and fluffy pom, this clockwork moogle will make you the envy of all your friends.
LoreA creation born of 90% love and 10% jealousy (or was that 90% jealousy and 10% love?), this clockwork masterpiece was conceived after the moogles of the Black Shroud began noticing all the adventurers with their new shiny minions, and decided they were not about to be left out.
How to ObtainPromotions: Obtained from purchasing and registering a Collector's Edition. (Released with PS4 version.)
Interactions:Proximity: Will dance with other Wind-up Moogles/Delivery Moogles.
Special Notes:Bound to account. All your characters will receive this minion. All previous CE holders will be given this item. There is no need to separately purchase the PS4 version.
Patch Released:2.2: Through the Maelstrom


135,944 minion hunters have this minion. That's 44.7% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Yuri Branford of JenovaZu Jin of BalmungVacyrian Rhonza of SirenSei' Zeldalia of KujataKat Poo of CerberusJonas Shepard of BrynhildrIn Somnic of BehemothIsthaisa Raja of MidgardsormrArya Liddell of TonberryDaiji Yosumi of PhoenixTrifecta Warlock of HyperionKavi Rhiki of BalmungPoppo Poh of BahamutRue Asahi of TonberryAeternum Vale of CactuarMomolu Molu of RagnarokKiriko Shijima of JenovaGodbert Manderville of BalmungOmega Strife of GoblinLorelei Damascus of ExcaliburKattuong Nguyen of DiabolosBraddock Calibra of SargatanasKase Axe of CerberusAeradrith Shadowraven of LamiaVipsania Attica of BalmungDatura Venenum of GilgameshLilith Fereth of LichHanna Asakura of MoogleLevi Zelmen of FamfritRinkashi Motakito of BrynhildrNani Atlantean of GilgameshC'mana Tia of ZodiarkGuiri Guiri of PhoenixLocke Firecam of BalmungJoey Kilika of ShivaTandreyice Silver of LeviathanEclipse Shadowspire of DiabolosTansy Notori of LamiaHyunk Elz of RagnarokDemon Lover of MidgardsormrXiantai Shinigami of ExcaliburToshiro Hitsugieya of LeviathanSeiren Kanade of MandragoraAcayn Rycen of OdinSayuri Usagi of DiabolosLuna Cat of FenrirOrryo Praelium of SargatanasAuftragsmorder Callme of MidgardsormrAsami Matsuura of LeviathanRaimondaux Vainchelon of Midgardsormr

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