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Minion: Wind-up Odin

If Odin is truly come to the Shroud, time is not on our side. - Lewin

DescriptionGuaranteed not to wipe out your entire party in one fell stroke.
LoreMany have pondered why a dark divinity with roots in northern mythology would wield a blade with a decidedly Far Eastern name. A popular theory is that Odin acquired the blade upon slaying an Auri warrior who was the first ever to notch his thereto- fore unsullied plate.
How to ObtainVeteran Rewards: Veteran Reward for subscribing for 360 cumulative days (12 months) of service.
Patch Released:2.2: Through the Maelstrom


163,581 minion hunters have this minion. That's 53.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Emirio Eel of AegisNiorin Gwy'lain of CerberusJun Lindenbaum of UnicornMax Kong of TitanTulanie Tuwa of AdamantoiseSerene Souls of JenovaLokyra Tolor of MalboroPodiddle Podillius of BehemothRivienne Frilaix of HyperionMomoko Cherryblossom of RidillMyranda Al'cyoene of HyperionZero Killz of ExcaliburKajaneko Murakami of MalboroYum Mavis of BahamutAki Raclir of CarbuncleValeera Sanguinar of ShivaChifufuni Qinan of BalmungZackira Dandak of BehemothJuno Greywolfe of SargatanasSakana Sakana of MandragoraSeppy Le'deux of BalmungTofu Steak of LeviathanAuriana Targaryen of FaerieSysley Wilder of ChocoboPalulu Palu of ChocoboLeighp Frogie of CoeurlAnastasia Westknight of HyperionRazkul Tasslehoff of GoblinSarrcyn Lethe of ExcaliburQhal Depirate of GilgameshOogah Bewgah of FamfritRyo Ohki of SargatanasHayato Tia of BahamutAlundra Temperium of BehemothChoco Meow of CerberusCymbalta Beoulve of MalboroMizore Yuki of MateusServatius Varros of ExodusArutoria Pendoragon of GilgameshKazuo Kengi of LichMia Me of RagnarokNanaya Nanu of PhoenixAuriaune Strout of DiabolosDaedelus Grumble of MidgardsormrDays G'bye of CarbuncleLhucca'to Mhakaracca of ExodusXialu Cat of TyphonAxui Aqua of CarbuncleSeika Ushikai of MoogleMist Mystic of Tonberry

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