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Minion: Wind-up Qiqirn

The Qiqirn are a nuisance at the best of times. - Roseline

DescriptionAs adorable as the real thing, without the ratty odor.
LoreOnce upon a time, there was not a man, woman, or child in all of Limsa Lominsa who did not know the name Zazaroon, mummer extraordinaire. However, a taste for spiced rum, a failed marriage, and several run-ins with the Barracudas saw the Qiqirn fall from the limelight into oblivion.
How to ObtainCrafting: Crafted by a Weaver with: Lightning Shard x99, Vanya Silk x1, Twinthread x1, Chocobo Feather x1
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


35,646 minion hunters have this minion. That's 11.7% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Renne Farce of UltimaVelimirius Delnoch of OdinAurora Solcatcher of LamiaOmochi Lockhart of GungnirKirito Bubbles of MalboroLucy Dragneel of AdamantoiseThanatos Ririnasu of LamiaVash Blazewind of GilgameshCrouton Bread of GilgameshAoi Takeda of TonberryZoey Zo of GilgameshTrinity Lee of GilgameshDamian Kamigoroshi of ExodusCable Bailey of FaerieRappy Daeleron of MalboroRed Cat of SargatanasDaphne Dudoit of TyphonSala Crescent of UltimaKazuha Presage of MasamuneAmana Fleur of GungnirMagnus Sergio of LeviathanAnony Moose of ExcaliburMidori Mikan of UltrosMaguile Alexandria of UltrosSilk Lily of MandragoraSuperior Rische of FenrirRiansa Sierna of MoogleIsaac Dewey of IfritShani Saturya of ShivaRiry Rihzeh of UltimaLuna Midnight of UnicornAntanias Lebreska of BalmungMolia Shepard of RagnarokGarth Pavlis of MidgardsormrTheemperor Majora of OdinSnowlia Linos of AsuraRalph Schwarzer of CarbuncleInnori Sith of MalboroNia Shevan of CerberusNr'kina Stormborn of LeviathanCamie Kaze of MoogleEternal Darkness of ZodiarkDractus Towers of GilgameshSkye Moon of ZaleraBenji Tulia of RagnarokAyato Ainsworth of RamuhPopoko Tani of BalmungShin Ackerman of ZeromusTear Moondrop of TonberryAvidya Jade of Coeurl

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