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Minion: Wind-up Relm

Snap out of it! - Relm

DescriptionCome on now, you stubborn old bag of bones!
LoreThis automaton was crafted to resemble one of the characters appearing in an ancient Eorzean faerie-tale. In the story, a young girl named Relm is able to conjure the images of great beasts simply by sketching them - a feature this doll unfortunately lacks.
How to ObtainPromotions: Redeemable code included with Heavensward Art Book.
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


5,882 minion hunters have this minion. That's 1.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Z'hariel Tia of BalmungColt Silversun of ShivaZadora Madruk of GilgameshKema Soma of RagnarokRegal Lily of AtomosHakuya Tooko of RamuhYua Kotegawa of GungnirPho Noodle of ExcaliburOogaro Bear of TonberryLaylan Hawke of AegisMotea Doundo of IxionMaito Fulgrun of SargatanasUna Mewrilah of OdinAlesana Gardeneau of CoeurlThe Lolrus of BalmungTengaiou San of GungnirSienna Scimmia of GarudaAelphaba Thrace of MalboroAs'htola Minami of BalmungRiggors Mortis of MidgardsormrYelta Sumasu of ExcaliburYuu Asano of CactuarShun Moritsuki of BalmungFlynn Hathaway of MoogleCiel Dezel of TiamatKaerel Hayabusa of LichShevat Eternal of SargatanasYngerid Vintergatan of DurandalRicardo Niel of GilgameshElenor Camuel of BahamutDavryn Thoma of SirenCapella Filnir of TonberryKirey Tenenbaum of CerberusKenshin Zero of ExcaliburD'ahk Tia of GilgameshNunnally Rose of AlexanderTabasa Maria of TonberryUmaru Doma of GilgameshCoathicarte Apalagranges of MasamuneKanaris Fall of DurandalZaria Fair of BrynhildrKhitana Smallmoon of LeviathanVaporwave Aesthetic of GilgameshHeine Quasar of AsuraSifr Fran of TiamatBuggie Kid of HyperionPanda Monokuro of IfritCosmos Rayne of UltrosCypher Gmork of GarudaYukinojou Lynx of Gungnir

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