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Minion: Wind-up Sea Devil

The white coral necklace he wore was stained perpetually red with blood. - Ururu Kogururu

DescriptionA clockwork automaton expertly crafted to resemble the infamous Scarlet Sea Devil, leader of the Coral Tridents.
LoreEver the loving clutchfather, Novv had this toy crafted, complete with blood-red accents, for his infant spawnlings. When wound up, it displays the ferocity and cunning that was the clutch's first patriarch–the Scarlet Sea Devil.
How to ObtainGil Purchase: Purchased from Sahagin Vendor (upon reaching "Allied" reputation) at Western La Noscea X:16, Y:22 for 25,000 gil.
Patch Released:2.35: Defenders of Eorzea (2.35)


21,289 minion hunters have this minion. That's 7% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Proelium Lympha of GilgameshSj Tack of TitanBlack Widdow of CerberusAlaric Justicar of TonberryAltria Alter of ExcaliburElixiria Oliver of MoogleRhas Xiya'ze of CerberusAku Ryu of SargatanasNagisa Sena of TiamatArk Sin of ExodusNavare Aldynn of FamfritLecroia Furinax of GilgameshStiletto Tempest of CactuarUmo Heima of RagnarokRabi Nai of CerberusOdin Sanchez of ShivaKingmanath Toriktai of CerberusMcjiggles Jiggleson of BehemothTsubaki Naokawa of LamiaT'allurah Suhzu of GilgameshHrumbling Thunder of MoogleKikyo Zoldyck of GilgameshVivi Westwood of CarbuncleMia Culpa of UltrosEnzo Rosso of MidgardsormrRyuuko Dragon of BehemothCarnelian Peridot of CactuarPeach Neuschwanstein of FenrirSwanny Mnemonic of PhoenixShiira Suyuju of FenrirCorpse Flower of UltrosBalalaiga Inppt of OdinKarl Tacitus of UltrosVaruse Jeschke of FenrirArcano Yoyoyo of IfritIngen Yasai of BalmungU'taka Tia of MandragoraCelestianna Kaleni of HyperionMr Inferno of ShivaGuggsu Mim of ShivaTalim Vajra of HyperionIris Greystone of ShinryuSaiyu Murasaki of ShivaXeno Blight of ZaleraRayne Storm of HyperionJin Joo of DiabolosRajiya Fharis of SargatanasRuben D'vis of OdinMonde Nyanbaron of Durandal

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