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Minion: Wind-up Tataru

Hmm. Tataru has ever been full of surprises. - Minfilia

DescriptionSummon your wind-up Tataru minion and prepare to have your heart melt.
LoreA routine inspection of Scion spending ledgers uncovered an order placed for ten score automata crafted in Tataru's image. When probed about the unauthorized use of organization funds for personal use, the receptionist merely smiled and struck an adorable pose.
How to ObtainPurchased: Purchasable from the Mog Station.
Patch Released:3.01: Heavensward (3.01)


7,450 minion hunters have this minion. That's 2.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Nyht Malargh of ShivaMill Valetta of ZeromusBenisazanami Ripples of TitanKivan Madatan of MoogleKei Kurosu of CoeurlLily Astraea of FaerieMad Hybrid of DiabolosBuffalo Chick'n'dip of JenovaChizumi Mooncleave of ExcaliburShion Black of ShivaAz Melynx of MandragoraNyx Oskurita of HyperionThrakon Dawnscale of BalmungJavert Delacroix of BalmungTrixan Bobby of BalmungMavis Pewpew of OdinNico Asper of UnicornMaru Foy of ChocoboBunansa Ffa'nir of MalboroErikka Gladius of LichKorin Kurumi of ExodusEmily Jones of BalmungGlori Mcmuffin of UltrosMitsutsu Pelloe of BehemothAiley Liyar of FaerieElva Felore of RagnarokSela Ashe of ZodiarkEmma Dort of MandragoraLobsang Ludd of SargatanasLily Foxclaw of BrynhildrKensei Hokuto of BalmungBlind Vision of BrynhildrNoin Bisset of AnimaLuna Zephyr of AegisPino Libre of ShinryuHope Valentines of OdinPanpan Roepan of CerberusBella Darkax of FaerieAmber Skeith of MandragoraGrav'iton Berry of FenrirLemon Hart of MandragoraShifer Shifter of GilgameshNitro Roread of YojimboJunjie Munchkin of PhoenixLoli Cup of GilgameshCanvas Lyrias of SargatanasSeraphna Vanguard of SargatanasKen Ne of CarbuncleEvenstar Wanderlust of PhoenixTantan Mame of Fenrir

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