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Minion: Wind-up Tonberry

I came expectin' to fight one tonberry, not a whole bloody mess of 'em. - Soft Marauder

DescriptionNow with 100% less rancor.
LoreWhile merely a clockwork toy crafted to resemble the twisted survivors of Nym, owners of similar creations claim waking to find their wind-up tonberries propped upon their chests, wooden knives pressed firmly against their throats.
How to ObtainTreasure Hunt: Treasure Hunt Reward from a Timeworn Boarskin Map.
Interactions:Proximity: Will fight other minions.
Combat: Attempts to fight enemies you are fighting.
Patch Released:2.1: A Realm Awoken


53,945 minion hunters have this minion. That's 17.7% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Aesthetic Requiem of MalboroRye Bulleit of ExodusRirinzo Roronzo of OdinSwai'th Belhi of BehemothArya Raptor of LeviathanAmethyst Wulf of CactuarOda Nobunaga of TonberryRiver Tamm of PhoenixAuron Ro'shanee of MalboroXeyler Zouzou of TonberryShayda White of FamfritGwenhwyfar Avalon of ShivaManju Straycat of GarudaUraahn Dotharl of BalmungYuu Hory of ChocoboScruff Puff of BalmungRaih'li Lionhunter of TonberryLj Alexander of BahamutNiamh Couthe of MalboroEblan Shiro of MidgardsormrFayn Kaldin of HyperionWayland Smith of MandragoraGranade Doe of CarbuncleZecht Highwind of LeviathanDread'pirate Roberts of CoeurlNaosuke Vr of KujataCold Blooded of MidgardsormrGleam Ruwach of TitanMateus Taranis of HyperionSakuline Shipoda of FenrirMxim Holyguard of TitanVickey Veloce of IfritD'khon Kogg of LamiaGalatea Jaeger of JenovaReira Lufkin of BehemothVanquish Lynx of ChocoboAzeah Astraltide of SargatanasLumina Lunis of ShivaBe Day of IxionGuolwuota Zirntwyrsyn of CoeurlRima Marimo of TiamatMichael Cera of LeviathanNoodle Aldente of MoogleMai Amano of BahamutJoraga Treespeaker of ExodusAlexander Dragonfang of CactuarAvin Greyashe of BalmungKrim Wyrmtear of ExodusMiq Noche of ShinryuFire Roasted of Balmung

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