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Minion: Wind-up Yugiri

She's really good at hide-and-seek, too! - Koharu

DescriptionSummon your wind-up Yugiri, her mask no longer holding any mystery.
LoreIn an effort to see his skills remain sharp, a displaced Doman dollmaker now working in the crystal quarries near Revenant's Toll spends his nights crafting wind-up automata, Yugiri serving as his sole model.
How to ObtainSeasonal & Special Events: Available during the 2015 "The Rising" event.
Patch Released:3.05: Heavensward (3.05)


84,561 minion hunters have this minion. That's 27.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Rose Lalonde of PhoenixIzrikairin Rish of BalmungStryder Hiryu of GilgameshW'lyem Roddick of GilgameshOkami Kazi of GilgameshRihn Laingwen of RagnarokLasren Bein of DiabolosLastelli Sungsem of RagnarokGisela Savage of CerberusBizatrix Kido of ExcaliburCelthric Ornitier of TonberrySyel Frost of LichHaurchefant Iiotoko of IxionCookie Duhnk of ExcaliburSeveran Expendere of RagnarokSorath Dragonfang of TonberryTehwi Zhwan of BalmungSaulette Dailemont of MidgardsormrRage Dragonborn of AdamantoiseAjisai Hydrangea of GarudaVelinara Elereth of FamfritWraith Blackstone of GilgameshUssy Arkat of UltimaKidkiller Kidy of MoogleLesslyn T'soni of GilgameshRigor Mortis of MidgardsormrRhapsody Black of TonberryAoede Lunarei of CoeurlRaymos Azalp of BalmungRosetta Wildmore of PhoenixAludrien Hortexa of OdinJ'dasshym Ginwa of ShivaH'yuna Song of SargatanasOrin Stargazer of ExodusSlig Sansoucie of CactuarAirdrid Brennan of ExodusImmortal Darkness of HyperionBruno Starz of UltrosUlthar Luvkatche of AegisCider Blue of IfritKoten Pan of AtomosNeiko Negitoro of FenrirYona Lily of CarbuncleFlorentine Amiko of BalmungSephira Skye of BehemothEmitel Rizen of FaerieLottie Leroux of TonberryKonaivran Seskra of HyperionKrieger Wulf of LichLyra Clostermann of Ragnarok

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