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Minion: Wind-up Zundu Warrior

Something must be done before wrath of Vundu brings sky down upon us! - Linu Vali

DescriptionLike a spring wind, the Zundu warrior is strong...until he winds down.
LoreA sign of friendship between the Gundu and Vundu tribes, this animated doll was created using a myriad of sacred items enchanted by an elder shaman. It is unclear how, without clockwork, the warrior can walk on its own, but its maker remains silent on the techniques he employed.
How to ObtainGil Purchase: Can be purchased from Luna Vanu for 30,000 gil upon reaching Sworn reputation.
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


37,214 minion hunters have this minion. That's 12.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Yato Vox of IfritRay Ice'fox of ShivaIro Hani of GarudaTrisselle Daerkscythe of PhoenixEleanor Lalafell of BrynhildrSukoshi Mysh of SargatanasY'mane Tia of FenrirRafflesia Arnoldii of CactuarRyoga Eliaas of HyperionDhira Dhira of AlexanderMenardy Winternight of CerberusAltan Ejinn of RagnarokJason Nobleforge of UltrosOran Kells of HyperionAbeline Parker of UltrosAndy Halcyon of CerberusA'lon Zhee of CoeurlSunadori Neko of GungnirLumi Catellus of HyperionJoker Asylum of FaerieAl'do Galvino of OdinRue Feld of ExcaliburAz Buttons of BehemothRalis Pleiard of RagnarokSahifel Knight of CerberusAya Mio of ShinryuThe Phoenix of SargatanasKupipi Burrito of SirenShintaro Midorima of LamiaRobynn Wood of AdamantoiseUmenen Hassanisniel of ExodusLevi Aroma of RagnarokCas Leeril of FaerieAran Iceheart of GilgameshAlric Storme of LeviathanZack Ronso of ZodiarkAdamant Shield of GoblinSiegfried Arondight of RagnarokYehn'zi Panipahr of CoeurlRin Reminisce of TonberryGen Ki'one of SirenGray Edge of TonberryChocolate Chip of BrynhildrTylisc Silversun of FaerieTampack Tan of AnimaDje'to Nara of RagnarokSersha Velcrea of TyphonSansuna Merifett of DiabolosNel Nel of HadesYuri Ishter of Chocobo

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