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Mount: Adamantoise

M-Me? Perfectly fine! S-Solid as an adamantoise! - Cocobezi

DescriptionSummon forth your adamantoise mount. He (?) is actually quite faster than he appears.
LoreNative to the Near Eastern island of Thavnair, adamantoises were long thought to be impossible to domesticate. However, through the efforts of Ul'dahn zoologists, a handful of the colossal scalekin have been successfully trained to accept riders.
How to ObtainGold Saucer: Purchase for 200,000 MGP at the Manderville Gold Saucer.
Patch Released:2.51: Before the Fall (2.51)


33,148 minion hunters have this mount. That's 10.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Apathy Noyae of OdinCharmy Sinbad of TonberryKuma Honzak of DiabolosAyef Kay of BalmungArry Blackstar of FaerieEoran Fallon of OdinSky Scythe of LeviathanAya Tokizaki of SirenAshar Sarai of GilgameshMrs Santa of CerberusLalao Drunk of DurandalZriku Snowfall of CerberusMirajane Strauss of OdinLaville Clemente of TonberryTalasar Isender of SargatanasAlassiel Na'vain of MasamunePhen Deazur of SargatanasLance Balmung of ExodusMaro Askiras of AdamantoiseKegalli Misashi of ExcaliburSha Mala of CoeurlEro Chibi of RagnarokAce Kun of FaerieEcchi Hadaka of ExcaliburEshwar Brown of BalmungMira Virgo of BahamutVanya Caladhiel of BalmungPinky Pavlova of ExcaliburImmortal Smoke of CerberusJuliana Vitalus of UltrosKynian Virturri of BrynhildrVampyras Tapes of RagnarokStyx M'legy of MalboroHina Kagiyama of ExcaliburPatton Burgess of FaerieAlicia Lucian of UltimaChibi Miyome of FaerieOtchayanie Verticorda of ShivaHomeless Man of GoblinDumb Comfy of UltrosIsaac Shepherd of MidgardsormrAyumi Zeju of ShivaMidnyte Swiftpaw of DiabolosMother Tiel of GilgameshSank Mutabilis of RidillSavage Garden of LeviathanRay Satie of ShinryuRuru Roro of AsuraRazagoth Hellsband of LeviathanAquila Ladron of Gilgamesh

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