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Mount: Astrope

Spread our wings and soar, we shall! - Sezul Totoloc

DescriptionSummon forth Astrope. A fully grown pegasus large enough to bear you and a companion across gentle skies.
LoreThe emergent studies of winged horses had to be rewritten with a single sighting of Astrope, confirming that adult pegasi are not only enormous in size, but also possessed of a horn. Wary of most, Astrope only allows those of gentle heart to climb upon its back?a back large enough to seat two!
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.3: Revenge of the Horde


101 minion hunters have this mount. That's 0% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Arkhai Urumet of TonberryJackyl Han of MidgardsormrErza Shiina of MoogleRaishasu Bumrush of UltrosEliad Urr of UltrosScimitir Surik of CerberusSev Green of TyphonEsperance Lightbound of TonberryJun Safuran of ShinryuAmaranthine Lafalcon of ExcaliburXavier Savior of LeviathanGaru Dyne of LeviathanYou Zen of ShinryuLuxard Prince of GilgameshSeori Mikumari of GungnirPeluche Archang of BahamutPotty Kubotti of HyperionMorrigan Sunbrave of BehemothDr Bloodmoney of CerberusMopupu Mopu of SirenAchan Luma of CactuarHaneiro Roxas of MandragoraPhilopia Schrodinger of ZaleraAya Hatter of JenovaEthri'a Valnyr of BalmungYato Fiore of TiamatYlva Marja of BehemothAria Ashford of GilgameshMini Hal of AtomosRalux Utamui of ShivaNatu Cochrane of UltimaKilvan Fanel of RagnarokKumasan Panchu of ChocoboPlexi Kyudo of CactuarKaiju Tnk of TiamatTsubaki Crystal of ShinryuMikka Usagi of FenrirLauna Orion of ExcaliburNaoh Sionnah of CerberusMimiwa Miwa of BalmungLarsh Shez of TiamatRisel Amely of ShinryuEshnua Meretseger of ExcaliburNobutomo Akiyama of TiamatUkio Himaa of ShivaNono Hana of AlexanderMagmarink Dragregory of MoogleCyan Garamonde of MasamuneNijiiro Clover of MandragoraAshiee Horokeu of Excalibur

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