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Mount: Black Chocobo

Black chocobos are all well and good, but the true reward is the exoneration of your comrades. - Haurchefaunt

DescriptionSummon de forth your black de chocobo.
LoreA purebred Ishgardian black chocobo, trained from birth by House Fortemps knight, Ser Haurchefaunt, and presented to you in a gesture of true friendship. The bird is slightly more muscular than you expected and exhibits the strange habit of squatting when left to itself.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Complete the Lv. 50 Heavensward Main Scenario quest "Divine Intervention".
Patch Released:3.0: Heavensward


172,235 minion hunters have this mount. That's 56.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Mag Strawhat of OdinRebecca Sawyer of LamiaRaylyn Asuna of UltrosBa Ren of ExodusL'halia Wiun of HyperionHersande Grillairmais of MooglePeco Benenhuli of BeliasRyuu Satou of RagnarokHakuzin Kizo of BalmungLeona Radiant of CoeurlTwisted Momma of BalmungArthalion Cuendillar of LeviathanPelusilla Depolvo of CactuarVanyel Ashkevron of GilgameshNezreka Ichi of LeviathanZoraaya Phoenix of UltrosRyoma Sakamoto of RagnarokElenwynn Horsenfotz of CerberusSio Kalbi of IxionAurora Snow of CoeurlYiaz Ividia of SirenAmythiste Draconis of JenovaKoh'li Wilzuuni of ZodiarkMomo Domo of CoeurlAizu Razaho of AnimaSammy Seara of UltrosCreasy Mican of BahamutZana'to Burwani of BehemothAuspicious Highlander of BehemothJiuhuthra Greywolfe of GilgameshSixlas Trix of GoblinCyprane Delphiki of CactuarSora Narukami of KujataValucca Bren of CoeurlMalg Drakmil of BrynhildrSennon Ciroel of BalmungHydrus Black of LeviathanA'zazel Zukini of FaerieEffy Frain of CarbuncleDragoknot Bloodmoon of CactuarNatssu Dragneel of CactuarElissia North of PhoenixOrien Ulfberht of HyperionDos Mokora of BahamutKochie Monster of CactuarIllegitimate Child of AdamantoiseTera Greenthorn of CerberusIsi Dash of CactuarGunn Rydon of LichTakumi Kanoe of Tonberry

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