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Mount: Bomb Palanquin

Hack and slash and tossy-boom. Bang and boom and slashy-doom.? - Goblin Diddy

DescriptionSummon forth a bevy of bombs who will bear you in comfort upon a hovering palanquin.
LoreUpon learning that his creations were forever lacking the power to combust, 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go did what any master of explosives would?attach the bombs to the corners of an iron bench and create a floating coach.
How to ObtainGil Purchase: Purchased from Kobold Vendor (upon reaching 'Trusted' reputation) at Outer La Noscea X:21, Y:17 for 120,000 gil.
Patch Released:2.2: Through the Maelstrom


44,446 minion hunters have this mount. That's 14.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Sowelu Geofu of ValeforOzaki Agama of RagnarokArtoran Valfor of GilgameshVoler Genii of HadesNina Icchi of RamuhNagla Reffe of MoogleEvening Star of CactuarSono Gi of TiamatLindsay Lowend of OdinIris Memoire of UltrosYoshi San of MandragoraPieschti Kitsune of ExodusLaetitia Rose of GarudaCupido Souleater of AlexanderDje Mansuria of ShivaPeace Breaker of AegisTataragi Zozoragi of BehemothDead Dove of GilgameshSynnove Sawyer of UltrosHenoch Threndor of SargatanasCricket Darkflame of ExcaliburBaron Lichborne of LichSelmo Chixaro of BehemothSaint Angeles of MidgardsormrOmiest Kovo of GilgameshFenrie Tokimomo of FaerieMomoge Moge of FamfritHora Bell of CactuarMiria Annie of CarbuncleLulu Rarafe of BalmungAldevaran Kal of HyperionSir Fratley of CerberusGraceful Flame of OdinAxel Lea of ExodusVisara Lemarchand of AdamantoisePonzu Mild of AnimaHerja Svafnir of OdinGlace'au Chocolat of DurandalKeaira Phen of LichSa'niquel Amrita of TonberryAvalae Aldaren of GilgameshMadi A'runa of UltrosAhyahya Ahya of ChocoboJ'ogher Watt of PhoenixChicory Nyan of AegisScarlett Lhea of CoeurlBalthezar Nu of GilgameshEmi Augusta of MalboroSou Tz of AsuraThaddeus Malebranche of Faerie

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