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Mount: Ceremony Chocobo

Don't stand on ceremony, tick-tock, tick-tock! - Helmhart

DescriptionSummon forth your ceremony chocobo, large enough to bear both you and your special someone.
LoreRaised by Ishgard's master breeders for beauty and purity of stock, its snow white feathers are natural and, though fully developed, as soft as down. Temperament-wise, the bird is remarkably docile and one of few breeds who will allow dual riders upon its back.
How to ObtainMisc. Methods: Obtainable when purchasing a Gold or Platinum package Eternal Bonding Ceremony.
Patch Released:2.45: Dreams of Ice (2.45)


41,110 minion hunters have this mount. That's 13.5% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Auric Cadogan of UltrosKaju Ichimonji of HyperionRay August of CarbuncleTeri Tearose of BalmungSkylar Rial of BalmungAspen Starwind of FaerieSerena Storm of AdamantoisePiruru Ruru of ShivaTiona Ithaqua of TitanBryntoeg Aerstmerlsyn of BalmungChraizhel Louvel of TonberryFire Starter of GungnirSanae Furukawa of LeviathanAelia Torct of TonberryMiia Nanashi of CerberusHaruna Kageyoshi of OdinTahla Amari of FaerieAarsix Master of CoeurlClno Hewit of GungnirAegis Gray of ExcaliburAnduin Iskandar of MalboroOji Suo of RagnarokShadow Yuraina of LamiaReqane Qadriel of OdinCor Deus of HadesDraighean Lbra of MateusDaniel Fury of SargatanasElilwaen Guhtgeissyn of BehemothRiya Yuki of ExcaliburBubble Bunny of TyphonWhite Shadow of CactuarDrogon Stormborn of MateusAsuka Negi of RamuhHotaru Ryuzaki of CerberusNyuu Yurusenai of ShivaMikayla Belle of CarbuncleAstora Serafall of RagnarokLil' Stomper of JenovaSoliea Luna of UltrosShirotsubaki Tsukiumi of UltrosCrest Novia of MoogleCiel Mcgillicuddy of CoeurlGuilty Hard of BahamutAsha Winterborn of MidgardsormrRamsez Ristelen of TonberryRepun Kamuy of GungnirHawkeye Pharis of UltrosKeladry Mindalen of MateusSariel Anarthos of PhoenixReinhardt Wilhelm of Carbuncle

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