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Mount: Dark Lanner

The minions of Nidhogg shall not lightly suffer your presence on that sacred mount. - Vidofnir

DescriptionSummon forth the dark lanner. Favored of Nidhogg, it fearlessly soars the skies of the Churning Mists.
LoreConsumed by malice almost equal to their master's, these birds roost in Nidhogg's lair, and regularly bathe themselves in the aetheric tempests surrounding the Aery. Sight of their glowing wings outside the Churning Mists can set the common folk into a panic, as they are thought to be theHorde's harbingers of death.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.3: Revenge of the Horde


9,434 minion hunters have this mount. That's 3.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Kita Rabi of IxionAlith Luna of ValeforSara Bluemoon of BahamutLilith Noteve of ShivaDeretto Alexiel of LeviathanJack Harris of BahamutMirazu Ysen of BalmungKelvin Hierophant of RagnarokSuseri Hijikai of GarudaTana Finia of ChocoboTeralia Goodville of MoogleRiomei Azarin of MalboroDragonslayer Ornstein of MoogleFunkystar Cloudy of PhoenixShin Yajirushi of GilgameshYamati Yozora of AtomosAzusa Shinonome of GarudaDokuro Mitsukai of IxionElyas Wolfbrother of RagnarokSachi Denpsy of AlexanderInori Yuzuuriha of AdamantoiseKhloe Moshantu of LeviathanYunzie Punzie of FaerieLavivie H'eavensward of PandaemoniumThat Cleric of BehemothSerenity Yuki of FaerieYuu Mitsuki of RamuhImmortal Guy of MidgardsormrSilver Valzebal of GilgameshPiercing Heaven of DiabolosAnomalilith Cloudcat of ShivaValeria Nocturnum of SirenVolathis Xevous of CoeurlHelle Enclairage of TonberryYun Ohta of ValeforRina Fleurs of BahamutTarlia A'stre of HyperionWaffle Boy of ExodusShyon Eaker of GungnirYi Sug of RagnarokDelpiero Hiro of PandaemoniumXaeus Nightwind of LeviathanCrimson Septette of MidgardsormrForuna Minora of OdinKiwi Iskadda of FamfritJulianna Quickblade of AdamantoiseZen Shiwaburo of CerberusTanking Kitty of ZaleraJake Drazen of LeviathanGurin Guran of Garuda

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