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Mount: Fat Chocobo

Huff...huff...heave...heave... - Fat Chocobo

DescriptionSummon forth your fat chocobo mount. Take care that there is sufficient room for his ample girth.
LorePlayfully described by some as “large and in charge,” in truth, when summoned, this gluttonous gourmand will flap nary a feather unless a garland of gysahl greens is dangled before him?in which case not even the laws of nature can slow the fat chocobo down.
How to ObtainPromotions: Obtained from purchasing and registering a Collector's Edition. (Released with PS4 version.)
Special Notes:Bound to Account. All previous CE holders will be given this item. There is no need to separately purchase the PS4 version.
Patch Released:2.2: Through the Maelstrom


136,058 minion hunters have this mount. That's 44.7% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Thorwolf Luminous of ExcaliburReno Turks of BehemothEdhida Urith of GilgameshAmai Vanilla of UltrosJai Tii of UnicornIldona Roloeth of TonberryLunas Avariel of JenovaYulto Tamlto of MalboroLoki Pallas of BalmungElm Ayre of ShinryuCard Lancer of MateusErin Sol of BehemothKrydar Xenoth of MateusMetsu Firestarter of HyperionAltair Dumass of ExcaliburExcelion Sun of RagnarokPirotess Nishihara of FaerieF'jusana Yahn of MoogleMalaviya Balustrade of ExcaliburBetty Black of MateusQueen Otohime of LeviathanChoclate Fury of JenovaTeagen Starkiller of BehemothUrsielle Narmandais of SargatanasYo Go of TyphonSir Ramos of ShivaVelvet Xiaoyin of RagnarokElysa Krasnovolosaya of CerberusShirono Strayed of PandaemoniumChloris Owen of CarbuncleLhen Thirteen of UnicornIgnera Arbell of BalmungSalona Crusner of HyperionSlavin Cluff of BalmungAvali Nahsra of BalmungTempest Blackburn of MalboroDragonsnap Windurst of BalmungAlun Kagon of AdamantoiseThe Eternelation of DiabolosLimeblue Nostos of UltrosLola Moon of ExcaliburHayate Kobayashi of LeviathanOrange Domoto of YojimboBaron Hellfyre of SirenInexxa Reid of CerberusRem Jezebel of OdinBee Bee of BalmungDhebi Nbolo of UltrosRonni Abear of FaerieRemiel Boltcaster of Masamune

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