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Mount: Fenrir

A good hound keeps his maw shut. - Latata

DescriptionSummon forth a purebred Abalathian hoarhound named after its pack's legendary leader.
LoreFollowing the rise of Ishgard, hoarhounds all but disappeared from the Coerthas highlands. However, the shift in climate caused by the Calamity has seen the legendary beasts descend from their mountain dens once more.
How to ObtainGold Saucer: Purchase for 1,000,000 MGP at the Manderville Gold Saucer.
Patch Released:2.51: Before the Fall (2.51)


18,130 minion hunters have this mount. That's 6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Masurao Tsukino of MidgardsormrInferiority Sixxx of BahamutWesley Dimble of GilgameshLacia Aseria of RagnarokSakura Tanaka of ShivaKvistis Niflheim of CerberusOnagaa Zinbuwa' of MidgardsormrCaer Sing of DiabolosInertia Savior' of TonberryKaz Tripleblue of FenrirCasillas Starwalker of ShinryuTofer Dawnbringer of MateusTriple Mango of CactuarSteve Wambold of GilgameshQuatre Quarts of FenrirItsina Nulah of SirenBesho O' of RagnarokMonyu Monyu of UltimaGaa Gaa of FenrirAlis Tyrsdotter of MalboroShindragoons Yagami of MoogleRed Strife of UltrosSerynh'to Thierys of ShivaTatsuo Kimura of CerberusGlasya Labolas of UltrosSilverjuin Axeman of MidgardsormrKaburi Mono of GungnirJz Cross of IfritMista Jay of MalboroKaes Spiritas of HyperionKatuono Tataki of GarudaThosinebb Ahldhyltsyn of RagnarokEverly After of LeviathanEsh Petwhac of TonberryJessanie Barz of GoblinS'raku Tia of BalmungAnanda Pryana of TonberryNoora Borlaaq of GarudaDango Mitarashi of MandragoraValid Target of GilgameshKatie Hohenhiem of CerberusMantis Villiers of MoogleFaol Dhubh of AdamantoiseDjiku Bekku of UnicornAwayuki Kusushi of CarbuncleCarthoris Nova of HyperionEmber Rose of ExcaliburFoxy Nogitsune of GilgameshBluvian Gigiave of BalmungShela Valentine of Bahamut

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