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Mount: Gilded Magitek Armor

You ditched your magitek armor!? Fool of a Lalafell! - Biggs

DescriptionCall into battle your gilded suit of magitek armor. Its golden coating serves to resist magicks while impressing members of the opposite sex.
LoreIt only took a few heated skirmishes with the allied city-states for Garlemald to realize that the magicks wielded by the realm's mages were too much for even the thickest of magitek armor plating. Alloyed gilding has since been discovered to dampen the effects of elemental charges and is now standard issue.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Receive 500 player commendations.
Patch Released:2.1: A Realm Awoken


80,492 minion hunters have this mount. That's 26.5% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Toji Suzuhara of ExodusEarth Clock of CarbuncleMimomo Mimo of MasamuneRoom One of RidillAbyssion Flanoir of CerberusYuuri Chan of CarbuncleYondaime Namikaze of GilgameshDraca Drakdnestr of BalmungSutamin Lynfield of DurandalSoren Highwind of CerberusJersey Flow of CactuarMoriroku Awandah of IxionMiss Jane of SirenZeviand Imperiosus of GilgameshAlphonse Villiers of LichRuu Sian of FenrirAme Akita of BalmungMorgan Everclear of ExcaliburSapphire Lyght of FaerieAlperen Aozora of FaerieZozoi Zoi of CarbuncleAylia Easter of BrynhildrCaptain Victory of GilgameshRayin Valmont of GilgameshLuna Miyabi of FenrirSetsuko Luciola of TitanChloe Queue of RidillSilas Shadow of OdinFiyoruzu Wiz of TitanClover Forest of IfritXenla Nayar of FaerieLoco Moco of BalmungLuna's Eclipse of RagnarokZeebo Gruska of MalboroGin Jiro of UnicornZatan Satana of ExodusUsuyuki Kisuge of RidillKing Mayuri of MalboroAnubias Tetra of ZeromusDeadly Serpent of ExcaliburSafifi Namimi of HyperionLexx Burns of LamiaWander Liang of FamfritAnna Mondregen of ZodiarkMiriam Sigelinde of BahamutAra Zue of YojimboAlex Noire of GoblinVannes Munters of ZodiarkImapotato Rosca of BrynhildrCaecilia Alexandros of Tonberry

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