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Mount: Griffin

“Spread your wings and soar” - Highwind Skyways Slogan

DescriptionSummon forth your griffin?half eagle, half lion, all business.
LoreFantastical winged beasts native to the unscalable peaks of Abalathia's Spine, griffins actually have a long history of serving as mounts. Indeed, before the city-state's fall, the Ala Mhigan army maintained a regiment of griffin-back soldiers who would harry opposing forces.
How to ObtainPromotions: Obtained from purchasing and registering a Collector's Edition of Heavensward.
Patch Released:3.0: Heavensward


109,962 minion hunters have this mount. That's 36.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Kayoko Hosokawa of TyphonAvalon Heart of BahamutLilara D'nae of BalmungFumino Xiu of AegisLeon Lin of TonberrySuseri Hijikai of GarudaLobelia Valida of CarbuncleThata Suna of RagnarokCjarsa Azure of OdinEverlyn Westmoore of PhoenixTreevis Ostentum of JenovaAerik Tirel of BalmungYamah Orihara of BalmungHelios Kontos of FaerieIck Ball of ExcaliburDedeki Pain of RagnarokDiarmuidua Dragoon of RagnarokRou Ildanach of BalmungNatalin Illaine of FaerieMadora Scarlet of SargatanasCorol Loha of RamuhLime Shield of GarudaIllya Einz of BahamutAlisia Lyega of FenrirEden Talan of TonberryMr Naah of GilgameshSea Spring of MandragoraKrieger Deslichts of LichVal Subeki of PhoenixSora Robun of AegisSage Gwynblade of CerberusCecilia Renatus of HyperionAmelia Wolfe of CactuarLeila Malcal of UltimaKojick Midorinku of TonberryHestion Enado of LeviathanZed Emix of MoogleSagittarius Sylaria of ZaleraViha Vadmacska of GilgameshMako Kuonji of ExcaliburMarazi Tarazu of SargatanasAutumn Sky of TonberryLilou Mobou of MoogleLau Zone of ShinryuAsakura Hao of ChocoboSerenity Dreamweaver of DiabolosIk Soo of ZaleraClifton Monday of CactuarPsythinia Witchalok of HyperionDita Avanta of Gilgamesh

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