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Mount: Laurel Goobbue

Naught is as exhilirating as a romp through the forest on goobbueback. - Unknown

DescriptionSummon your laurel goobbue, towering friend to the sylphs.
LoreAfter having the moss and flowers growing upon his head pulled up and tossed aside like common weeds by a band of sylvan ne'er-do-wells, this quiet-mannered goobbue was taken in and cared for by the sylphs of Little Solace whose elders crafted for him a magnificent laurel with which to hide his scars.
How to ObtainGil Purchase: Purchased from Sylphic Vendor (upon reaching 'Trusted' reputation) at East Shroud X:22, Y:26 for 120,000 gil.
Patch Released:2.1: A Realm Awoken


40,766 minion hunters have this mount. That's 13.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

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