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Mount: Legacy Chocobo

Go find the chocobo you rode in on, and ride on out. - Sevrin

DescriptionFive years and a realm-shaking Calamity were not enough to break the bonds between you and your loyal steed. A single whistle and he will be at your side once again.
LoreIn the five years following your sudden disappearance from the Carteneau Flats, your ever-faithful chocobo spent each waking moment galloping across the realm in search of his lost master. His myriad adventures are nothing less than fantastical and heartbreaking...but that is a story for another day.
How to ObtainPromotions: Reward for player who obtained "Legacy Status" during 1.0's Legacy Campaign
Special Notes:Bound to Account. No longer attainable.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


17,700 minion hunters have this mount. That's 5.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Sakura Wakaba of ZeromusDinastii Maximoff of ExcaliburTsukiya Kirae of RagnarokChizzle Tooth of RagnarokYuuko Amamiya of OdinYeager Otsdarva of GoblinConsomme Pokotan of RidillTsuginomai Hakuren of BalmungLance Strider of LamiaFat Pebble of SargatanasTomosuke Cantabile of MasamuneAsclepius Therapia of BrynhildrGrahf Xeno of BehemothInatyan Yonjyo of ChocoboKlas Shiva of BalmungKraneoz Ragnarok of RagnarokMarco Excalideus of HyperionAntanias Lebreska of BehemothAl Klever of GoblinKelrac Stoneguard of ExcaliburNicnevin Bonemother of OdinKupo Storaifo of BalmungKugane Kokoro of RagnarokRenzokuken Ryukuro of RagnarokAthena Qestir of ShinryuKuromame Original of TonberryMinamo Uduki of GarudaReverie Shirokami of RagnarokRaul Leogant of ExcaliburIndia Paleale of BalmungBuddhsie Asura of TonberryJudith Ingram of MasamuneSteven Mcqueen of GungnirEternal Bond of GungnirYui Arial of GungnirSavinna Wyr of MidgardsormrAria Hawksong of OdinNiplas Diabolas of GilgameshLaura Little of CoeurlScarlett Daedalus of HyperionElydian Daewyn of LamiaEvelyn Lacroix of ExcaliburLily Maxim of AegisHoly Hazard of ExcaliburDijana Menatas of HyperionFire Bud of HyperionNero Luminus of OdinRaven Helmont of BalmungAkitepiyo Akitemato of MoogleSegertar Sindie of Excalibur

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