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Mount: Logistics System

Her report also mentions a violent encounter with a sentry heavily augmented by Allagan technology... - Rammbroes

DescriptionCall into battle your Allagan logistics system. For your safety and the safety of those around you, all weaponry has been disabled.
LoreOne of the automated system drones deployed by the Allagans to maintain and protect their strongholds. After being unearthed by the Sons of Saint Coinach, the mechanical sphere was modified by Nero tol Scavea into a personal transportation device.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Reward for getting the achievement "Behind Enemy Lines" by winning 200 Frontlines for any Grand Company.
Patch Released:2.5: Before the Fall


4,700 minion hunters have this mount. That's 1.5% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Mizuna Kaleido of TonberryTama Himawari of AlexanderSenana Million of IxionMike Hanma of IxionKhloe Hawking of MandragoraCandy Apple of AlexanderLuna Lycenne of CerberusKotarou Kino of YojimboKupo Poko of KujataMilk Tea of TiamatVeeya Fleece of LeviathanOimo Chan of CarbuncleViper Beam of BalmungBambi Luxe of BahamutAqua Marine of DurandalThe Cutest of MidgardsormrVallaria Ellethwen of MidgardsormrMadara Kirin of AlexanderNo Va of GilgameshRiana Seraph of BahamutRegalis Wahrheit of KujataLil'v Strahv of ChocoboCoffee King of FaerieAzurite Milla of TonberryAsh Snow of PhoenixVoli Cat of ExcaliburFatal Soave of ChocoboMei Aslan of MandragoraReo Lockhart of HadesSadonna Mukai of TitanThya Bowtail of GilgameshHana Runn of MasamuneKilulu Sippo of FenrirKanata Amano of BahamutFaye Lee of ExodusMya Nishizumi of FamfritMiel Lynx of ChocoboRemmy Heart of GungnirAdonis Redgrave of MasamuneMyori Mittens of HyperionYamato Hyuga of BahamutElios Niven of FaerieAlethea Spencer of ShinryuAgraya Felis of MasamuneAkumu Mist of DiabolosMaki Eor of CarbuncleIgnera Arbell of BalmungZatifio Kajifio of ExodusRed Red of MasamuneYuuchan Gremory of Carbuncle

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