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Mount: Logistics System

Her report also mentions a violent encounter with a sentry heavily augmented by Allagan technology... - Rammbroes

DescriptionCall into battle your Allagan logistics system. For your safety and the safety of those around you, all weaponry has been disabled.
LoreOne of the automated system drones deployed by the Allagans to maintain and protect their strongholds. After being unearthed by the Sons of Saint Coinach, the mechanical sphere was modified by Nero tol Scavea into a personal transportation device.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Reward for getting the achievement "Behind Enemy Lines" by winning 200 Frontlines for any Grand Company.
Patch Released:2.5: Before the Fall


4,700 minion hunters have this mount. That's 1.5% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Linda Linda of TitanGally Alita of CactuarFugaku Ephemeral of FenrirTonio Steiner of TonberryRegulus Suncrown of GilgameshYumeno Sakura of PandaemoniumJuli Moshroca of ChocoboAkita Inu of CerberusSyake Kuro of BahamutSahja Lihzeh of FenrirBana Nanna of FenrirTraynor Milkdrinker of AdamantoiseCharles Fouquet of BahamutTheros Hiryu of BalmungWatapo Tanner of ChocoboRudy Mogryu of GilgameshLolwat Bro of ExodusMonk Rus of SargatanasCiel Laurent of RidillKicoe Vashai of CerberusSnow Powder of CarbuncleMs Children of IxionChyea Chyea of GilgameshReuben Dreadnought of LichSendo Sheena of PhoenixCakey Cakes of CactuarMei Aslan of MandragoraYuyumun Fafamun of BalmungJoshua Belnades of TiamatTaru Mithrandir of ChocoboTama Himawari of AlexanderKillua Zaoldyeck of ChocoboAsuma Noah of BahamutCaelan Ward of BalmungEve Izanami of UltimaJo Jo of MandragoraDrahcir Gneh of GoblinGeraru Taru of OdinAyr Jordan of MidgardsormrGreat One of HyperionTurbo Moist of UnicornUnter Hunter of BahamutArty Foxx of ValeforBassa Hana of RidillYuki Haris of AlexanderFarmer Stray of YojimboDeadpool Dan of OdinMyy Lasipotter of CarbuncleZeek Fried of KujataGanaha Chan of Shinryu

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