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Mount: Logistics System

Her report also mentions a violent encounter with a sentry heavily augmented by Allagan technology... - Rammbroes

DescriptionCall into battle your Allagan logistics system. For your safety and the safety of those around you, all weaponry has been disabled.
LoreOne of the automated system drones deployed by the Allagans to maintain and protect their strongholds. After being unearthed by the Sons of Saint Coinach, the mechanical sphere was modified by Nero tol Scavea into a personal transportation device.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Reward for getting the achievement "Behind Enemy Lines" by winning 200 Frontlines for any Grand Company.
Patch Released:2.5: Before the Fall


4,700 minion hunters have this mount. That's 1.5% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Guinevere Alphastigma of GilgameshUh No of SirenAnna Seaspires of RagnarokLaru Gucchi of CarbuncleAcky Lucky of ChocoboOrchestria Karumi of MalboroWhendy Heisenberg of TiamatJomair Tts of MalboroRafa Stark of GilgameshNeko Pinkerton of BahamutZoltain Kilarin of UltrosSnake' Eyes of ShivaErio Touwa of ExodusLounheart Fowl of MoogleRyon Licht of GungnirNatalya Semyonova of BeliasPillow Drool of GilgameshAlbedo Piazzola of GilgameshWilde Kat of LamiaRegalis Wahrheit of KujataMoon Fantasy of FamfritAgraya Felis of MasamuneMaju Violet of MasamuneN'eqono Meido of RidillWiggling Sushi of GilgameshAether Dragon of TonberryAzuki Kuriyama of AegisChere Cheri of RidillDore Quixote of RamuhRhem Afference of FaerieIo Ciel of IxionBalmung Rahl of MoogleMalice Kun of TiamatGerme Fleur of ShinryuVallari Vindr of MidgardsormrLindh Asichan of PhoenixEdmund Forest of BehemothRuru Sweet of DurandalKattoh Tranquillitas of CarbuncleIce Phoenix of SargatanasGukko Siren of AegisLily Alice of AegisKeisuke Nine of MasamuneYuki Zero of TiamatCzuka Greatavia of MoogleSachi Denpsy of AlexanderKenshi Nguyen of DiabolosMary Nano of CarbuncleFoxtail Gables of RidillChelsy Montblanc of Carbuncle

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