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Mount: Magitek Armor

At last, our very own suit of magitek armor! - Cid Garlond

DescriptionCall into battle your suit of Garlond Ironworks-modified magitek armor.
LoreThis suit of Garlean-developed reaper-class magitek battle armor has had its original control systems purged and replaced with a new, modified core built by Cid of the Garlond Ironworks.
How to ObtainQuest Rewards: Reward for completing the Main Scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon." (The end of story from version 2.0)
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


215,577 minion hunters have this mount. That's 70.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Kathlyn Oyaki of RagnarokSoona Onoha of UltrosMorgoth Delanuit of CerberusRuroin Rever of MoogleRone Aulard of BeliasElsa Tejava of GilgameshThantholina Starfall of AdamantoiseZero Daii of ExcaliburStitch Punk of GilgameshKuro Lin of CarbuncleBlack Beatrix of FenrirDeaths Arrived of OdinSera Melian of GilgameshRenee Frostwyght of MoogleTukang Martabak of TonberryMunglig Dataq of JenovaZeht'a Nunh of OdinFiethron Raylynn of GilgameshArchere Apollon of DiabolosGataliania Coven of LeviathanBrosef Stallin of MidgardsormrAmnis Mothlight of BehemothNausicaa Solwind of GilgameshOliver Classictabby of AlexanderIvan Oliver of AdamantoiseJul'ez Oso'ri of ExodusLainey Dragonette of BalmungDeep Snow of MandragoraRegulus Black of RagnarokTimm Aragolia of MoogleAyano Cann of PandaemoniumUhoh Spaghetti'os of ExodusLight Of'heaven of GilgameshCuderina Drei of GarudaMahoyuki Kazehime of ExcaliburUr Toelle of CarbuncleBonzi Buddy of CerberusYuwuna Mashiro of RidillRenatus Nox of TonberryKiarece Raftar of CarbuncleHibina Jestzona of MasamuneProphet Send of BehemothShotyz Wow of CactuarTubaki Mochi of GarudaEsmerelde Pureheart of ZodiarkSasameki Earthsong of SargatanasAdidas Wind of TonberryChloe Caldwell of GungnirCharactercreate Noob of MandragoraAsuka Kokopelle of Adamantoise

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