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Mount: Manacutter

There are more of these “manacutters” to be had, yes? - Aymeric

DescriptionCall into battle your manacutter, a single-rider airship constructed at the Garlond Ironworks.
LoreSupervised (in spirit) by the ever-absent Cid, Biggs and Wedge (with a little bending over by Biggs) put their heads together to create this flight-ready miniature airship, powered by the realm's first corrupted crystal engine.
How to ObtainQuest Rewards: Complete the Lv. 55 Heavensward Main Scenario quest "Into the Aery".
Patch Released:3.0: Heavensward


157,580 minion hunters have this mount. That's 51.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Hank Bukowski of DiabolosKokoha Doko of MandragoraFoler Kingblade of UltrosAzure Eyriwilfsyn of GoblinYubina V'korth of SirenRagnar Roadagain of ExcaliburJotaro Kujo of AdamantoiseSiros Carbuncle of GilgameshReploid Vonkoopa of GoblinHarvest Moon of ShinryuSkooma Moonsugar of HyperionKaderine Eiranoir of DiabolosArkterus Prime of GilgameshCadwal Fenrir of FaerieNon Blanche of TyphonLightangel Casttle of JenovaCin Liatho of FaerieRyu Kiri of LeviathanShinryu Venrus of HyperionRebandra Obanyun of MasamuneSayuri Higashi of CerberusAria Rahz of FaerieTeysa Orzhova of ShivaSaige Lhea of BehemothErge Oakheart of ShivaPacic Foret of FenrirGibetto Ilmatto of LeviathanDalco Dacariad of RagnarokJinxey Royal of GilgameshOmri Rei of AdamantoiseTeir Arlaque of SargatanasK'yuina Marcy of BalmungBilly Evans of LeviathanIsiodore Bach of AdamantoiseReisa Tohri of BahamutZhaela Decinka of LeviathanKanata Yuzuki of BahamutBasc Harkon of ShivaHina Akano of RamuhAkashi Kancolle of OdinAhriman Mirza of OdinKaspaar Xii of ShivaMarshal Renew of BalmungFortinbras Velnias of SargatanasXedyio Pyroxelis of CactuarKirey Tenenbaum of CerberusSarkhan Volima of UltrosMiln Zen of FaerieJetfu Twokfive of AdamantoiseKikiyo Kiyo of Zalera

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