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Mount: Parade Chocobo

I'll be at the parade with whoever else I can drag along. - Botulf

DescriptionSummon forth your parade chocobo who, by the looks of him, has not marched in many parades.
LoreOriginally purchased by the Adventurers' Guild for use in festival parades, this portly steed quickly wore out his welcome by devouring a moon's worth of fodder in a single turn of the sun. Unable to pay the price of upkeep, the guild passed the reigns to some- one more “commendable.”
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Reward for getting the achievement "Leaving a Better Impression II" by obtaining 3,000 player commendations.
Patch Released:2.38: Defenders of Eorzea (2.38)


3,730 minion hunters have this mount. That's 1.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Selena Candescence of ExcaliburBayonetta Sunshine of LichKoko Papermoon of FaerieLilu Aubriot of BalmungQ'nagali Yehn of BalmungDonna West of GoblinDahlia Paige of PhoenixErde Rochefort of CarbuncleLyoki Lawliet of GungnirLeo Tiger of GarudaMagic Hammer of HyperionDevyn Ward of LeviathanLighting Farron of LeviathanKora Dark of MidgardsormrKol'd Ensyd of GilgameshCoolmint Cruz of GarudaAster Enelysion of GilgameshKelevra Vice of AdamantoiseUriel Sigma of RagnarokYun Ohta of ValeforUonome Capriana of AegisZack'' Fair of BalmungXanthe Celaeno of HyperionPanke Cake of TonberryBikke Bakke of DurandalSarcasm Irony of UltrosPots Pans of ShivaMarilee Angel of CerberusIzaak Ahrien of LamiaNormal Type of BahamutShion Mon of FenrirAnna Komnena of ChocoboDaisuke Yearn of AsuraCotton Arpaka of FenrirRydia Highwind of RamuhYaya Light of ShivaLulubei Lubei of BrynhildrMogi Yomogi of RidillTaka Valefor of ValeforDarfel Leonheart of SargatanasPai Zuri of BalmungCharles Moroz of BahamutNeocis Nystedt of ExcaliburPersie Pearl of AegisJyu Ccc of GarudaDan Strife of GilgameshNoel Reginleif of FenrirSakira Hisui of AlexanderMinhyung Lim of ChocoboChogyo Bigbridge of Aegis

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