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Mount: Parade Chocobo

I'll be at the parade with whoever else I can drag along. - Botulf

DescriptionSummon forth your parade chocobo who, by the looks of him, has not marched in many parades.
LoreOriginally purchased by the Adventurers' Guild for use in festival parades, this portly steed quickly wore out his welcome by devouring a moon's worth of fodder in a single turn of the sun. Unable to pay the price of upkeep, the guild passed the reigns to some- one more “commendable.”
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Reward for getting the achievement "Leaving a Better Impression II" by obtaining 3,000 player commendations.
Patch Released:2.38: Defenders of Eorzea (2.38)


3,730 minion hunters have this mount. That's 1.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Zera Vyre of CoeurlSugar Pants of CerberusDalkia Elrick of AsuraJizel Listel of IfritElosh'ir Sajuul of OdinElric Skye of AdamantoiseLutecia Rafirs of MasamuneUnvollendet Sinfonie of AegisPeluche Archang of BahamutQueen Boi of LeviathanThe Cure of UltrosAelia Sokoto of CerberusYulily Yuly of CarbuncleNao Trein of TyphonLeaf'ir Goatherd of RamuhKyo Bigbridge of UltimaMiya Muller of TiamatWynne Yilmaz of GilgameshGyawa Vatos of FenrirJinxey Royal of GilgameshSpin Blair of ShinryuYuny Breatix of ExcaliburRangar Akrezak of BalmungLyle Vamps of AnimaAlahra Valkaire of BalmungYuki Icemint of BahamutVesran Rand of BalmungEspikes Darkwind of HyperionRokisisu Oreiru of TyphonDeedlit Yh of IxionEgiru Kayaba of LichEnna Westmoore of ShivaMikiya Blazblue of RagnarokLayla Tsarra of SirenTevin Til'alexandros of GilgameshHestzhyen Voer of GilgameshYamazaki Sanniroku of DurandalYoshirin Wanderer of BahamutTaiyoji Korokoro of LamiaDan Booker of UltimaTata Pokka of BahamutRerela Rela of AlexanderBayonetta Sunshine of LichFizz Delight of DurandalMalevelent Aceira of ExcaliburKamu Orugaron of ShinryuYuki Shiku of BehemothLucien Malveaux of BehemothLunar Lavell of CerberusLisanna Strauss' of Phoenix

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