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Mount: Red Baron

That mechanical monstrosity represented a feat of engineering far beyond aught Garlemald can presently achieve. - Cid

DescriptionCall into battle the Red Baron?Nero tol Scaeva's custom-made battle armor, now your custom-made battle armor.
LoreConstantly modified and improved by the Nero himself, this warmachina of Garlean construct barely resembles the suit issued to tol Scaeva on the day of his promotion to tribunus.
How to ObtainPurchased: Purchasable from the Mog Station. Can only be tied to a single character.
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


5,757 minion hunters have this mount. That's 1.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Rina Ishida of FamfritKenneth July of MoogleGyu New of AtomosTalamira Caladon of BehemothEmmalynn Tsukiko of GilgameshMaximum Powerful of HyperionZuloo Ecksrey of GilgameshHoney Forrest of ZaleraLucia Lecount of DiabolosAurakol Laefon of AdamantoiseGota Zhwan of TiamatMacross Carbello of MalboroKaien Miyamoto of LichJung Legym of BahamutSulamo Yeseek of LeviathanMaccess Magnolia of MandragoraMercutial Zenos of BehemothAmaya Niiru of TonberryOga Chan of GilgameshXersin Xundeferon of AdamantoiseYu Yamato of JenovaAyuna Qalli of GilgameshCesaru Minosake of LeviathanKahla'ka Anoxa of JenovaKlaus Volfield of SargatanasDarkfire Gremory of MasamuneAlexander Lightwood of ExcaliburGin Dry of PandaemoniumAlpha Hydrae of SargatanasKing Saucer of MoogleFelicia Mann of MidgardsormrArcana Zuth of ZodiarkR'ahye Silkaya of GilgameshMonser Orisai of BalmungSho Kubo of CactuarSuki Yaki of MasamuneRen Kougul of BehemothTalia Silvermoon of BehemothKrodos Helios of LeviathanJihli'a Ademur of BalmungNimo Warlow of PhoenixRepun Kamuy of GungnirSamson Endor of BehemothParius Hawk of ExcaliburHidera Role of AnimaKevin Sydney of JenovaMarco Villanueva of AlexanderZeke Sylbwilf of UltimaNagi S' of Ultima

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