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Mount: Red Baron

That mechanical monstrosity represented a feat of engineering far beyond aught Garlemald can presently achieve. - Cid

DescriptionCall into battle the Red Baron?Nero tol Scaeva's custom-made battle armor, now your custom-made battle armor.
LoreConstantly modified and improved by the Nero himself, this warmachina of Garlean construct barely resembles the suit issued to tol Scaeva on the day of his promotion to tribunus.
How to ObtainPurchased: Purchasable from the Mog Station. Can only be tied to a single character.
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


5,757 minion hunters have this mount. That's 1.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Duuude Bismarck of HyperionUpa San of ChocoboSeya Truth of MandragoraCyanne Di'leone of JenovaShinya Kogami of GilgameshOda Livthrasil of CerberusVi Steelheart of DiabolosYu Inugami of AnimaKeiji Maeda of UltimaEarl Redpants of AegisElwing Strike of ShivaMonkey Magic of ZodiarkDark Wildspeaker of LamiaMak Kal'ash of CoeurlArchaell Wingard of RagnarokEspen Newgate of FaerieArvoliko D'almendra of OdinIzanagii Narukami of BrynhildrCool- Boy of RagnarokKnox Ville of PhoenixFuzzy Navel of ZeromusAimee Ragnarok of BehemothAnshelm Hawke of BalmungPinsute Millona of MoogleBikke Bakke of DurandalDisty Miller of IxionMana Nosferatu of IxionMin Min of FenrirPirotess Solaris of LichRyuji Okami of BehemothJiro Mochizuki of ZodiarkDream Theater of BalmungFloriban Zelkyr of RagnarokEuxs Starkiller of SirenErisviel Einzbern of GilgameshLysalie O'riain of MoogleGralna Kelgor of SargatanasBell Cranell of PhoenixCiel Vermillion of DurandalLecroia Furinax of GilgameshHiya Kitsune of OdinSerris Le'omend of BalmungRyu Sama of DurandalLyl Moonshadows of UltrosYutaka Yonemoto of SargatanasWillie Tanner of FenrirKryses Kaisuri of MoogleSami Rho of BrynhildrPivote Organizador of UltimaEiny Po of Sargatanas

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