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Mount: Sanuwa

Wild sanuwa fierce as monsoon rains. - Gunu Vanu

DescriptionSummon forth your sanuwa, specially bred and trained for riding by Gundu merchant Luna Vanu.
LoreCountless turns of the sun did Luna Vanu train this wild sanuwa to obey the orders of man, and for many moons did he wait for one he deemed worthy of taking up this noble cloudkin's reins. Wait, he did, until you arrived.
How to ObtainGil Purchase: Purchasable for 200k gil from Vanu Vanu Beast Reputation Merchant NPC Luna Vanu, at Rank 7 (Sworn).
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


41,429 minion hunters have this mount. That's 13.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Aerie Crosszeria of GoblinMaster Lionheart of ExodusPrincess Jasmine of MidgardsormrSolraxc Shiki of TonberryAhria Lumora of CoeurlEllen Ripley of GarudaRusty Magnus of TonberryFran Franziska of AlexanderKing Isma of LeviathanProudmore Dragonslayer of RagnarokAlenya Hagle of ZodiarkMomo Amnin of MateusHistoria Reiss of OdinArtra Jantellot of ShinryuPercora Cora of MalboroMrfuji Kicker of LeviathanTortolia Adrana of ExcaliburRena Rockbell of MoogleHibiki Kokonoe of BahamutDump Ling of FaerieBassa Hana of RidillYui Matunaga of UltimaMiqotes Suqote of TonberryMamiru Lee of FenrirShaka Shaka of BehemothWat Ako of TiamatRaiponce Apapor of RagnarokMajor Falcon of LeviathanRavi Red of GilgameshTop Shift of GilgameshErin Webb of OdinPya Moshantu of JenovaCalyssa Dreamweaver of FaerieDefcon One of TonberryNeko Nyan of FenrirMyria Brood of ExcaliburEto Rosmarino of ChocoboIta Reena of BehemothFour Lokoz of FamfritChao Fan of ExodusGisela Armada of JenovaAndrej Delany of ShivaE'myle Attyewn of TonberryFynnick Fletcher of SargatanasRosetta Stein of MasamuneRed Eye of HadesHarianad Boudreaux of SargatanasApoloniar Nasir of CactuarOrphen Echidna of OdinYwina Tao of Cerberus

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