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Mount: Sanuwa

Wild sanuwa fierce as monsoon rains. - Gunu Vanu

DescriptionSummon forth your sanuwa, specially bred and trained for riding by Gundu merchant Luna Vanu.
LoreCountless turns of the sun did Luna Vanu train this wild sanuwa to obey the orders of man, and for many moons did he wait for one he deemed worthy of taking up this noble cloudkin's reins. Wait, he did, until you arrived.
How to ObtainGil Purchase: Purchasable for 200k gil from Vanu Vanu Beast Reputation Merchant NPC Luna Vanu, at Rank 7 (Sworn).
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


41,429 minion hunters have this mount. That's 13.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Shamal Sykurwyn of BalmungLuan Nguyen of BalmungRyan Bardiche of MasamuneMakoto Mashiro of OdinGin Ichimaru of BalmungRed Raven of FamfritRuby Glaceon of GungnirAcid Overdose of HyperionKelic Ustinov of MalboroAlbrecht Rothschild of GilgameshMordyn Elysium of ExodusLinx Meek of MasamuneKiara Vhajibi of CactuarMr Hobbit of CerberusAltec Lansing of ZeromusMimezi Shuryate of OdinElder Rakes of ShivaAmon Valtyr of OdinThrian Darkheart of GilgameshKaren Red of RamuhSugoiron Tomoha of MandragoraNatsu Dragneels of MoogleIfrid Hellfire of RagnarokAero Mischievous of MateusJohto Zeppeli of GilgameshEdward Vanhalen of AlexanderNojiko Strongclaws of SirenYoshimi Yazawa of OdinYoshisnake Striker of DiabolosTrinnie Tea of TonberryRegide Zuzun of CactuarPyupa Estrella of BehemothMiss Jane of SirenPrincess Yuuki of PhoenixRain Blossoms of CerberusLulu Kyon of TyphonEcho Miles of ExcaliburAvior Alsafi of GarudaStarrym Qel'tessir of FamfritSpeder Sven of GoblinXiao Khatayin of FaerieNyalia Asura of BalmungNorgoroth Darkmire of OdinCoward Cole of ChocoboElla Fantasia of FaerieArioche Astarael of ExcaliburKai Meza of ShivaAldaris Iridiae of PhoenixSharinar Praeses of Shiva

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