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Mount: Serpent Warsteed

Hoof to neigh, Eorzea knows not the horse for one reason: the horsebird. - Uma Bugyo

DescriptionSummon forth your Order of the Twin Adder-issued warhorse and try to push from your mind the fact that your chocobo is sitting somewhere hungry and alone.
LoreAfter witnessing dazzling demonstrations of how a warsteed might turn the tide of battle, the Grand Companies of Eorzea emptied their coffers at the feet of the Far Eastern uma bugyo, each seeking to put themselves at an advantage during Frontline campaigns.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Reward for getting the achievement "A Line in the Glade IV" by winning 100 Frontlines as a member of the Order of the Twin Adder.
Patch Released:2.3: Defenders of Eorzea


2,993 minion hunters have this mount. That's 1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Kei Ischwart of IfritBlue Stream of AlexanderHereneya Green of OdinScourge Redwing of CarbuncleDsuke Cat's of ChocoboJudge Drace of CerberusAriel Nox of MoogleAtoni Calendula of AnimaLele Santoix of LichLazarus Heartspire of PhoenixZerafeus Afrenia of BehemothLady Kria of HyperionMxim Holyguard of TitanMilk Shake of OdinYuri Eberwein of MandragoraRosie Whiteley of AsuraHikodibrand Mandavill of ShinryuTheia Reisa of LeviathanAtsuya Poohsuke of GungnirTam Forest of MasamuneRydia Lorein of LeviathanJamesy Amau of SargatanasYuki Whitelight of ShivaHiiragi Nanten of CarbuncleNex Cross of BalmungPythes Sativa of HyperionHelpyalot Orng of AtomosBe Lieve of GilgameshDrakko Valentine of SargatanasKirin Lights of BahamutAeliott Cadenza of PhoenixRytlockie Moonrunner of HyperionHachi Minashigo of CarbuncleAnpon Tan of GarudaSirio Slay of LamiaKi'tsune Kuzunoha of LamiaMori Zou of AsuraNaka Shi of ChocoboEli Cocco of RagnarokBoyle Newton of ValeforMoriusu Van of YojimboDr Bloodmoney of CerberusRyo Sats of UnicornKibbles Donguri of ExcaliburDixieland Band of ShinryuJotae Lim of ExodusEiko Fox of CerberusY's Buster of IfritYukikaze Yumishi of MidgardsormrAissy Lea of Ragnarok

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