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Mount: Sleipnir

If it hadn't been for that horse... - Erik

DescriptionSummon forth Sleipnir?undying steed of the elder primal Odin. His coat is as dark as void, while his eyes glow a sanguine red.
LoreBlessed by the elder primal himself, Sleipnir will forever remain loyal to those who have proven themselves worthy. In addition to being fearless in battle, the dark steed is also able to manipulate his corporeal form to accommodate any rider, large or small.
How to ObtainPurchased: Purchasable from the Mog Station. Can only be tied to all characters.
Patch Released:2.4: Dreams of Ice


36,955 minion hunters have this mount. That's 12.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Riley Ravaged of SargatanasDream Theater of FamfritSuzaku Lyzael of GilgameshLilybeth Carol of DiabolosArchimedes Dreadbyrd of BehemothXavier Alexander of SirenLunesta Amell of IfritFate Lancer of TonberryArchadius Aegiskeryn of BalmungZeifer Aurelius of DiabolosKonene Kone of TonberryVincent Belmont of RagnarokAri'adne Greystone of GilgameshYuuna Zanarkand of ChocoboKosmos Altaria of FaerieEris Virifortis of OdinSoki Senpai of RagnarokHarpa Tacuta of HyperionShindig Kage of CoeurlUltima Bithor of ExodusFritz Guyes of BrynhildrHerregud Hestkuk of LamiaShion Aster of ChocoboJhaaron Consigliago of UltrosEve Lavigne of ZeromusRhesh'ir Moui of BehemothRena Kenny of OdinKagutsuchi Ukko of LeviathanHolo Wise'wolf of FamfritPeace Halleluja of FenrirYuan Mibu of PhoenixUuno Turhapuro of MoogleAkito Lelouch of BalmungEmma Granger of ExodusBlazing Vambrace of DurandalLaura Wolf of UltrosMorr Tenious of HyperionTerain Tazuna of ZaleraSinh Slumber of BalmungPluton Myth of MandragoraFelicia Mann of MidgardsormrAizer Avagnar of BehemothAelyscia Doll of MalboroNeed Tp of CerberusRam Na'eul of LeviathanDaisuke Uzuki of SargatanasCort Bevan of HyperionManaka Kasuga of LichSancho Divine of BehemothStormy Dei of Excalibur

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