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Mount: Sleipnir

If it hadn't been for that horse... - Erik

DescriptionSummon forth Sleipnir?undying steed of the elder primal Odin. His coat is as dark as void, while his eyes glow a sanguine red.
LoreBlessed by the elder primal himself, Sleipnir will forever remain loyal to those who have proven themselves worthy. In addition to being fearless in battle, the dark steed is also able to manipulate his corporeal form to accommodate any rider, large or small.
How to ObtainPurchased: Purchasable from the Mog Station. Can only be tied to all characters.
Patch Released:2.4: Dreams of Ice


36,955 minion hunters have this mount. That's 12.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

John Leonhart of MoogleSakura Cardcaptor of CerberusElsa Garrett of MasamuneMoroseth Shadowwalker of BalmungZikashi Hokage of GilgameshKirito Swordart of MoogleMiltiades Tal'azroth of TyphonMikku Kyudo of MoogleKaoru Lilitu of ExcaliburLeliana Nightingale of HyperionSakura Kawai of ChocoboGazaroth Zerotto of BalmungMitsuha Kastle of CerberusSellenea Dorennis of BrynhildrCelindia Mau of CoeurlMaster Hellsing of LeviathanAgent Orange of AdamantoiseBlack Montblanc of AlexanderLiliput Wyndrunner of SargatanasEryn Glytch of UltrosMarilyn Monroe of BalmungChinatsu Suzushina of MandragoraOdessium Anossa of PhoenixShiraha Zaiaku of OdinSakuya Tachlbana of AegisSushi Rice of GilgameshHawkins Rich of ZodiarkAdria Serra of HyperionRoslie Grimxiii of BalmungMasago Braddock of UltimaDrakon Maionios of TonberryHircine Elderblood of BehemothKing Yama of FaerieValeera Sanguinar of ExodusAdalynn Iva of MateusRohtak Blackstone of SargatanasAmanda Gardner of BahamutS'anzu Mahri of FaerieYuffie Archer of MalboroSocially Inelegant of GilgameshSomerest Tallest of CerberusTaetian Ercaeus of MidgardsormrAtayti Lofera of ZodiarkDeejay Osu of ZaleraKoko Icedancer of GilgameshMitsuki Yuuki of HyperionCora Anore of SargatanasLulu Fromelaut of ZaleraAsuna Bubbles of Malboro

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