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Mount: Sophic lanner

A heartbeat without melody Is moonlight without dark. - From The Sophic Canticles

DescriptionSummon forth your Sophic lanner. A once faithful servant to a fickle goddess.
LoreHistory tells us that disruption in balance twixt good and evil will invariably result in suffering. The noble lanner serves to restore that balance by placing upon the goddess Sophia's scales the weights of equilibrium? most commonly depicted as our heroes of legend.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.4: Soul Surrender


11,785 minion hunters have this mount. That's 3.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Ageha Slash of MasamuneArctic Region of MandragoraYone Ninth of IfritLibby Loo of UltrosKaoru Blaze of AegisKohane Himari of TonberryLily Noel of BahamutSenah'ra Amariyo of BrynhildrRazum The'great of FamfritZeref Bra of BehemothKanna Kamui of BalmungNoire Skylock of MidgardsormrAftnoon Tea of MasamuneAlice Cott of AnimaSqually Boy of GilgameshVvall Heartless of ExcaliburAcadi Senno of HyperionTina Chan of ShinryuRenka Rivanoir of TonberryStrelitzia Pop of ShinryuSamus Aren of MooglePengiono Pengi of ZaleraLucy Candyhouse of RidillAkira Kun of RagnarokZamaruki Starhallow of MoogleArtorias Voidwalker of HyperionYukiko Usagi of CactuarCacilia Clausewitz of DurandalPapamaya Gigimaya of BehemothSomnia Aeterna of SirenHaruka Polymnia of RidillAshelya Arbalest of OdinNyu Yoru of ZodiarkIshida Dono of RagnarokNeoz Kern of OdinMeryl Dayne of MoogleAvend Flow of FenrirGray Lala of BalmungSensei Nukesaku of GungnirNorthswain's Glow of LeviathanKerome San of RamuhSofiena Sofiena of ChocoboDmal Artanos of ShivaLiam Aaken of CerberusAyse Katcho of ChocoboSolid Skywalker of TitanWakamesan Hnk of TonberryJo Near of UltimaStevy Wonder of GilgameshMadelza Bloodkin of Leviathan

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